Filename: themes/starwars/swatst.zip
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Date: 07/20/94
Author: Howard Cohen
Description: I thought it would be cool to replace the cyber creature at the end of the second episode with an atst from Star Wars!!!

Designed as part of the Star Wars DOOM experience, the ATST replacement sprites (for the cyber boss) add another piece to the experience.

For the full effect, I also recommend creating a complete Star Wars Doom replacement sprite WAD from all the ones floating around out there (STROOPER, SWLASER, etc.) Trust me, the final effect will be well worth the effort. Also recommended are SWMUSFX3, SWGRFX and STARWAR2.
Credits: Many thanks to Bill Neisius (DMGRAPH) and Bernd Kreimeier (DMADDS), and those wonderful folks at id Software.

Thanks to Claude Martins for writeing this text file for his light saber so I could steal it ;>
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