Title: Star Wars for DOOM2 v1.33 (final release???)
Filename: themes/starwars/swdoom2b.zip
Size: 3.5 MB
Date: 10/30/98
Author: Garrett Granger
Description: STAR WARS for DOOM2!!! Whoopee!!! This is a totally complete, runnable version for DOOM2 that combines the best of EVERY Star Wars related ".wad" ever made into one, runnable version. As well as combining bits from unaccountable wads, (Matt Falk's 4 levels for DOOM1 are still there, along with splices of SWGFX8, SWMUSFX4, STWARGFX, SW for DOOM2, a Vader hack, a Boba Fett hack, etc., etc., etc...) I have also added *5* new wads: Endor, Hoth, Tatooine, The Emperor's Throne Room and the Grand Hall (at the end of the first movie, where the celebration took place.) All of them are strictly based on a combination of the trilogy, kenner toys and the LucasArts games. I have also added countless little extra items, (Inanimate TIE Interceptors, Snow Speeders, IG-88s, Tiderium class Shuttles, Millenium Falcon, etc.) pictures, and a few extra things, just for show. The latter wads that I created are not only designed for realism, but are also designed to bring some of the most interesting solo and, moreover, multi-player experience.
Credits: George Lucas The guys at ID Lucasfilm LTD Makers of DEU, BSP, DMGRAPH, Midi2Mus, DEUSF, EDMAP, DeHackEd and the DOOM1-2 conversion Matt Falk, Jared-Michael Stein, Chris Hopkins, Wayne Poe, Greg Kegel, Roland Rothenhfer (made the snowspeeder models) and the countless others I forgot. Thanks guys, for making this possible.
Base: Started 3 years ago, and took it up again a few months ago. I finally finished version 1.0 on July 24, 1997.
Build time: What was that? Heh? I have trouble hearing after all these years. Seriously though, undoubtedly around 500+ hours.
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21; BSP12x; DeHackEd 3.0; DMGRAPH; Deusf 2.04; Midi2Mus 2.6; DMaud 1.1, Edmap 1.23, Dshrink
Bugs: ".Exe" Patch for version 1.666 does not work. You will have to upgrade to version 1.9 of DOOM2 to play these .WADS.

DO NOT SAVEGAME IN LEVELS 2 & 4! The large number of vertices, objects, etc. overruns the savegame buffer.

Slight HOM when you start out on the Endor level. (Sorry, it was unavoidable.)

Shuttle's top fin overlaps bottom portion (you'll see what I mean.)

This is not a bug, but a few buttons will need to be pressed twice to be fully "pushed." This is because they are doing a separate thing each time you press them.

Do not try and open the door in level 7 while it's closing. This will cause it to become permanently stuck until you restart that level.

If you find any others, please let me know.
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best sw ever lol 5/5x

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