Title: Star Wars Doom - Version 1.0 beta
Filename: themes/starwars/swgfx.zip
Size: 185.34 KB
Date: 07/09/94
Author: Force
Description: Star Wars Doom is a collection of sprites, sounds, music, and levels. This release contains only graphic replacements as everybody who downloads this probably has the the pwad's for the other stuff. Eventually I'd like to see Star Wars Doom having a full episode (complete with secret level), full graphic replacements, and the greatest replacement sounds on earth...
Credits: Sargent -> Imperial Stormtrooper
--Philip (p.magnussen@auckland.ac.nz)
Scrappy Trees -> Pine Trees
--Jeff Johnston (brunner@gas.uug.arizona.edu)
Barons -> The Emporer's Royal Guards
--Mike C. (thomas@ug.cs.dal.ca)
--Adam F. (farrell@ug.cs.dal.ca)
Caco-Demons -> Probots
Skull Cursor -> REBEL Cursor
Doom Title Screen -> Star Wars Doom Title Screen
Doom Menu Title -> Star Wars Menu Title
Knee-Deep in the Dead -> Star Wars
Flaming Skulls -> Interigator Droids
--Mike C. (thomas@ug.cs.dal.ca)
Sky1 -> Cool Starfield
--I don't know... please e-mail me if you makde stars2.gif (sorry.)
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Too many bugs - missing gfx and many, many, exclamation points in triangles. BARF!x

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