Title: Ultra StarWars Graphics Wad
Filename: themes/starwars/swgfx8.zip
Size: 1.43 MB
Date: 12/04/95
Author: Jared-Michael Stein
Description: This is Jared-Michael Stein's Ultra StarWars Graphics Wad. With it, you get:
*Improved "Kenobi" light-sabre
*Shotgun icon becomes Imperial Blaster
*Stray shots smoke a la "New Hope"
*"God Mode" gives you Stormtrooper "disguise" (sort of)
*Armor bonuses resemble Mandalorean Shock Troop helmets (Boba Fett,s)
*Candle/floating eye is a DeathStar holograph
*Computer Monitors display more appropriate info.
*Improved laser blasts
*Someone else's fine Star Wars levels (E1M1-E1M4), with special more accurate map dispay of DeathStar and Blockade Runner (Correlian Corvette)

And StarWars GFX7 replaces:
*CyberDemon with NEW AND IMPROVED AT-ST walker
*Shotgun "Ex-Marines" with Death Squad Commandos
*"Ex-Marines" with Imperial "Biker Scout" troopers

Plus lots more gfx that i "stole" and improved from other swgfx.wads, such as:
*Barons replaced by Imperial Royal Guards
*Imps replaced by Imperial Stormtroopers
*Pistol replaced by Laser Pistol
*Shotgun replaced by Imperial Blaster
*R2-D2 barrels
*title screen
*et c.
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A bit dated, but for 1995, these star wars graphics aren't all that bad.x

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