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Tab III Episode
Here is: TAB:III - The Final Chapter? The Wad is 6 Levels. Could it be the last wad of TAB Series? You'll have to see. A New episode for ID softwares DOOM2. Another great addition to the TAB series, this mini-episode has it all for the Sol...Date:05/09/97
Size:312.34 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab IV Episode
Here is: TAB:IV - The Rebirth!!! The Wad is 3 Levels. THE TAB SERIES CONTINUES!!! A New episode for ID softwares DOOM2. Another addition to the TAB series, and an excellent addition indeed. Outstanding design work, heavy combat, everythin...Date:05/09/97
Size:143.71 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab Level
First in a series of wads. This level makes for a good Dooming experience for beginners. Check it out....Date:05/06/97
Size:10.6 KB
Author:Michael Cortorno

Tab10 Level
This Tab wad will have you romping through a seaside town invaded by demons. Highlights include a port on the ocean with an island in the distance. To get there you'll have to do some underwater fighting!!...Date:05/06/97
Size:60.2 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab11 Level
This eleventh wad in the tab series is pretty linear and not quite as involved as the others. Still, very good and well worth the download....Date:05/08/97
Size:57.12 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab12 Level
This Tab wad is a recreation of the historic Alabama Theatre. But through the author's eyes, he has turned it into a "Theatre des Daemons"! As usual, it's your job to clean out the baddies from the theater and get out by way of an abandoned subw...Date:05/08/97
Size:59.41 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab13 Level
Thirteen is an unlucky number, soldier. And as your luck would have it, you are being sent on yet another mission. This time you are to destroy an underwater base overrun with demons. You may even have to get a little wet yourself. But don't w...Date:05/08/97
Size:53.83 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab14 Level
This is an unusually small level for a wad in the "Tab" series, but is still very nice. Your marine has dropped in on a palatial villa in the mountains with orders to erradicate any and all demonic presence. It's a tough one, but then again, you...Date:05/08/97
Size:76.82 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab15 Level
Your luck has finally ran out. After your last darning raid on the mountain stronghold, you have been captured and imprisoned in a demonic torture chamber. Foolishly, the guards left some weapons near by... guess you know what to do!...Date:05/08/97
Size:45.04 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab16 Level
This next level in the Tab series picks up right as the other left off: your marine has successfully escaped certain death at the hands of the demons in their dungeon and must now somehow find a way off this prison island. It is rumored that the ...Date:05/08/97
Size:75.82 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab17A Level
Number 17A of the Tab series! This time, your marine is going on his most exotic trip yet: a cleansing of the three pyramids of Giza, Egypt! And it's not the ghosts of pharoahs long dead that are going to keep you on your toes this time. Those...Date:05/08/97
Size:88.44 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab18 Level
There's another city of the damn sprung up. As usual, the lone marine- you! - is sent in to clean it out. Okay for a Tab level but not quite up to par....Date:05/08/97
Size:45.43 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab19 Level
Face legions of the evil mastermind's troopers in this romp through a twisted level from Hell. Doesn't really resemble earlier Tab levels, but still very good....Date:05/08/97
Size:37.97 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab2 Level
Second in the Tab series, this is a nice, short, sweet single player level that a veteran Doomer could breeze through. Very linear, with enemies of progressing strenth as you move on....Date:05/06/97
Size:15.86 KB
Author:Michael Cortorno

Tab20 Level
Tab 20 is based on another sprawling fortress set in Hell. Your marine, imprisoned in its depths, must break free from the holding cell and break out of the complex, wrecking the place in the process as usual! Has the usual great "Tab" design....Date:05/08/97
Size:56.43 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab21 Level
21st in the Tab series, this level has eclectic texture use, borrowing from a stone and mortar theme to a modern plastic and steel appearance. This creates for some nicely designed structures that look very bizzare when placed next to each other....Date:05/08/97
Size:42.57 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab22 Level
This is possibly the toughest of the Tab wads, designed to challenge even the most experienced Doom veterans. You'll face dozens upon dozens of baddies from Hell as your marine tears another demon palace apart. Plenty of weapons and ammo abound ...Date:05/08/97
Size:69.43 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab23 Level
It's Tab23. Do you have what it takes to brave a subterrainian cavern? Run through Hell flames with Imps literally coming up out of the fire all around you? Destroy a fortress of Satan? Then download this wad!...Date:05/08/97
Size:47.19 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab24 Level
As your twentyfourth mission in the Tab series, your marine must wipe out a demon infested resevior. To escape, you'll have to make it through a good, old fashioned hedge maze!...Date:05/08/97
Size:44.61 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab25 Level
Typically as great as the others, Tab 25 does not disappoint the Doom player looking for an excellent single player level. Special thanks goes to Alan Hicks for play testing all Michael Contorno levels....Date:05/08/97
Size:70.96 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab26 Level
Level 26 in the excellent Tab series! This time, your marine gets to exterminate the evil demonic horde that inhabits a high tech enhanced medival castle. There are only undead soldiers and Imps for the most part, making this a bit easier then m...Date:05/08/97
Size:75.72 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab27 Level
This is one of the best of the TAB Series. This one is called "TAB27: The Secret of the Doom Ooze." As The Space Marine, you must once again infiltrate one of the Evil Mastermind's secret bases. You arrive in an underwater cave via super submari...Date:05/08/97
Size:70.92 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab28 Level
This level in the tab series plunges your marine into Hell as no other has before: Fire, brimstone, and satanism are the themes here as you single handedly (As always!) fight your way into, around, and through a demonic stronghold in the very pits...Date:05/08/97
Size:53.55 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

DOOM2: Tab29
As 29th in the Tab series, this one doesn't quite make it up there with the others. Though not a bad wad by any means (None of the Tabs are.), this one employes standard tricks such as a key cards placed out in the open, designed to have players ...Date:05/08/97
Size:42.27 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab3 Level
This is the third level in the Tab series for Doom2. This level places your marine in a nicely made castle full of demons and little ammo! For vets and novices alike!...Date:05/06/97
Size:31.67 KB
Author:Michael Cortorno

Tab30 Level
The big 30 in the Tab series! Though this Doom2 wad is a solid entry in the Tab series, it is not quite on par with some of its predecessors. Still, a good challenge for veteran players and much better then the average wad. Save often, this one ...Date:05/08/97
Size:62.71 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab4 Level
This is the 4th level in the Tab series. Another decent castle to romp around in and the baddies lurk everywhere! May challenge veterans as well as new comers!...Date:05/06/97
Size:27.11 KB
Author:Michael Cortorno

Tab5 Level
5th in the Tab series for Doom2! This is a great single player level, chuck full of baddies with litte ammo- just the kind of odds Doom vets love! Special attention was paid to details with this wad and is sure to please anyone looking for a good...Date:05/06/97
Size:38.02 KB
Author:Michael Cortorno

Tab6 Level
Here's a level in the Tab series which allows a wadaphile to compare and contrast the early Tab work to the later levels. Still, pretty good stuff....Date:05/06/97
Size:43.63 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab7 Level
This level will have you infiltrating a large temple dedicated to the evil master mind who spawned these demons from Hell and shutting it down for good! Good luck....Date:05/06/97
Size:40.49 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab8 Level
This wad will have your marine infiltrate a military complex, now overrun by those pesky evil demons from Hell. Check it out!...Date:05/06/97
Size:90.74 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab9 Level
This level is both very challenging and yet fun if you don't cheat. You'll be facing hordes of imps, undead troopers, and most every other Doom2 demon there is, so stock up on ammo: you're gonna need it!...Date:05/06/97
Size:65.83 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab: The Movie Level
After the 30 nightmare missions of the TAB Series, now comes TAB: THE MOVIE! It starts with your marine's plane being shot down over a hellish looking landscape. Was it an engine malfunction, or was your jet shot down as an act of revenge by the ...Date:05/08/97
Size:281.03 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

Tab Sequel Levels
Here are 5, complex new levels that make up the sequel to the "Tab" series! If you're a fan of the Tab series, or just a Doomer that loves good levels, then this is something worth your download. You'll have your brave marine blasting his way thr...Date:05/08/97
Size:254.31 KB
Author:Michael Contorno

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