Title: Tab Level
Filename: themes/tab/tab.zip
Size: 10.6 KB
Date: 05/06/97
Author: Michael Cortorno
Description: First in a series of wads. This level makes for a good Dooming experience for beginners. Check it out.
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Rating: (6 votes)
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It would be nice if someone make a megawad of whole TAB series.i kinda like these oldchool maps..dont know why all its maps are in themes section...this is first one in series and very basic and short one...not bad x
A small starter map that forces you to ration your ammo. (For my personal use I've used Doombuilder to merge the 30 TAB WADs into a megaWAD, so it matters what I have at the end of each map.) It was challenging enough on the default difficulty, so I give it a 3. -- Salmacis1968@msn.com x
A very small and quite old starter wad which is very easy to beat. I personally don't like the unaligned textures of the Tab series and there is no level made strictly with one theme, which I like better, though I enjoy the game. There are worse wads in the series than this. I vote 3 because it's the first one, I can't expect much. 3/5 x

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