Title: Tab18 Level
Filename: themes/tab/tab18.zip
Size: 45.43 KB
Date: 05/08/97
Author: Michael Contorno
Description: There's another city of the damn sprung up. As usual, the lone marine- you! - is sent in to clean it out. Okay for a Tab level but not quite up to par.
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This is another one of the fundamentally likeable but nowadays forgotten Tab series. Like the others it's simplistic but entertaining, with bog-standard design but no tedious bits. There's a huge amount of plasma ammo and lots of health. This one feels very generic and smashed-together - although the map is small there's a techbase, city, crate maze, hell cavern, library, dungeon, etc. None of them received a hero's welcome. Vietnam. S-S-Saigon.x

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