Title: Tab23 Level
Filename: themes/tab/tab23.zip
Size: 47.19 KB
Date: 05/08/97
Author: Michael Contorno
Description: It's Tab23. Do you have what it takes to brave a subterrainian cavern? Run through Hell flames with Imps literally coming up out of the fire all around you? Destroy a fortress of Satan? Then download this wad!
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This is dated October 1996. It's another one of the Tab levels, from Michael Cimino, director of Heaven's Gate and The Deer Hunter. You fight 111 baddies in a slime cavern / techbase. It's easy - you get loads of health and rockets - and looks a bit nicer than the other Tab levels (the misaligned textures are generally deliberate). Much quicker gameplay than those "Reol Tough" maps from the same period. Don't bother saving the plasma ammo, you get plenty.x

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