Title: Tab28 Level
Filename: themes/tab/tab28.zip
Size: 53.55 KB
Date: 05/08/97
Author: Michael Contorno
Description: This level in the tab series plunges your marine into Hell as no other has before: Fire, brimstone, and satanism are the themes here as you single handedly (As always!) fight your way into, around, and through a demonic stronghold in the very pits of Hell itself!
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This is a short, simple, but fun installment in the tab series. It's a mini-"journey to hell" level that starts in the open air and ends up with a fight against a cyberdemon in a red room, although you have a BFG and invincibility, so it's not much of a confrontation. The design is tasteful but there are a couple of bugs. As a stand-alone level it feels a bit pointless, although as part of a series it's fine.x

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