Title: DOOM2: Tab29
Filename: themes/tab/tab29.zip
Size: 42.27 KB
Date: 05/08/97
Author: Michael Contorno
Description: As 29th in the Tab series, this one doesn't quite make it up there with the others. Though not a bad wad by any means (None of the Tabs are.), this one employes standard tricks such as a key cards placed out in the open, designed to have players run out into the open to nab it, only to find them selves under a hail of fire from all sides.
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enjoyable old school map.x
Fun, but averege desing. Lifts are lower unpegged, what doesn't look good. Short, healthpacks and ammo are in sufficient level. 3/5x
A simple but fun '96 wad. I give it a 3 ~Joe Andersonx
October 1996. Another one of the solid, unspectacular Tab series. You fight 92 baddies in an anonymous dungeon-style level. I dock half a star for having a power-up directly behind the start position - a cliche from the dawn of time that even appears in id=14 - but add half a star for some decent elevator trap. You get loads more weapons than you need. All the lifts are unpegged, which looks odd. Still, it's competent, it entertained me.x

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