Title: Tab5 Level
Filename: themes/tab/tab5.zip
Size: 38.02 KB
Date: 05/06/97
Author: Michael Cortorno
Description: 5th in the Tab series for Doom2! This is a great single player level, chuck full of baddies with litte ammo- just the kind of odds Doom vets love! Special attention was paid to details with this wad and is sure to please anyone looking for a good fight!
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Yet another TAB map that forced me to ration my ammo carefully, only to exit with just 10 shells to start TAB 06 with and 2 Barons left standing. (I used Doombuilder to merge the 30 TAB maps into a megaWAD so I can play them all in succession.) This map is original and very challenging on the default difficulty, but so far none of the TAB maps have contained any secrets so I can't rate any higher than 3 stars. -- Salmacis1968@msn.com x

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