Title: Tab Sequel Levels
Filename: themes/tab/tabsequl.zip
Size: 254.31 KB
Date: 05/08/97
Author: Michael Contorno
Description: Here are 5, complex new levels that make up the sequel to the "Tab" series! If you're a fan of the Tab series, or just a Doomer that loves good levels, then this is something worth your download. You'll have your brave marine blasting his way through demon infested cityscapes, underground catacombs dripping with evil, and weird fortresses seemingly placed in Hell itself! Some great level designs abound and there are more than enough demons to frag in this one.
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Nice stylish olschool maps that go well with mmmus.wad. Seem to be designed for continuous play: on pistol start the second map is ok but after that things got really tough for me. The first was probably my favorite, really cool city.x
I have no idea what the Tab series was; I assume the author was on a roll back in 1997. This should really be in Doom2/levels/r-z (or whichever directory) as it's five levels for standard DoomII. I have only played the first of these maps, and it's not bad, especially for 1997; nothing out of the ordinary but playable, tight on ammo, nicely done.x

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