Title: Joey's Challenge Pack! (reupload)
Filename: themes/terrywads/jcpack.zip
Size: 9.76 MB
Date: 05/16/14
Author: Joey (reuploaded by neo-hc)
Description: The best collection of difficult maps are here! Fight your way through the toughest enemies and bosses you'll ever see in 7 glorious jaw-dropping maps!

This requires skulltag to play.
Credits: Uncle Cracker for some maps.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 2 months
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor and XWE
Bugs: None of course.
Rating: (16 votes)
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The greatest Doom WAD ever made.x
Had nice starting areas but then it wen to pure sh*t.x
It still manages to be one of my favorite Terrywads of all time. I'm glad this classic was re-uploaded to idgames.x
5 stars for shit.x

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