Filename: themes/university/schoold2.zip
Size: 2.2 MB
Date: 09/04/96
Author: Various
Description: MAP01: This level represents a real school- building, "Gymnasium Nilu". (No, it's not a gym, it means something like High School or 6th Form.) The building has four floors, with stairs replaced by teleporters which look like stairs. The point is to kill the teachers and students and drink their beer. Imagine yourself stuffing the teachers with lead, looking for the Blue Key through classrooms filled with hostile students, and attacking the Party Hall during a play.
MAP02: Sewer (yes, we have played both Dark Forces and Hexen :). Fully imaginary and dark maze without AutoMap but with lots of ammo: use flame thrower as a radar! Cheaters watch out!
MAP03: The park has trees, a hanging rope and lots of guys waiting to be hanged. This level was built especially for Coop games, where one must be sacrificed for many.
MAP04: This level, "Gymnasium J-Norssi", is an another schoolbuilding. It's also one of the hugest levels ever made for DOOM or DOOM II (in fact, the largest one we have seen!) There are two floors, filled with classrooms. In addition to the stairs, there's an elevator. This means of course elevator jazz musak! There are a lot of switches scattered around the school. Some of them do something, some of them don't. You have to pull two of them, but which two?
MAP05: "Voutilainen's". This is a shop where the students of J-Norssi go to buy some candy, cigarettes and beer. The problem is that you can't get out of there! You will need a key which is buried deep beyond the ground. What awaits you there, no one knows. MAP06: "Hangover" (Single/Coop) The only possible end for this adventure: a wakeup in jail with skinheads. You can get out of there, but there are still some surprises waiting for you...
MAP06: "The Gallery" (DeathMatch) This level was made especially for 2 player DeathMatch with monsters (recommended skill level: Nightmare). It provides very fast DM play with some special jippos (activate the SuperSwitch and let the monsters give your opponent a hot time, for example).
Base: New levels, graph, sound & music from scratch
Build time: All too long (Doom's outta fashion!)
Editor(s) used: DOOMCAD 4.3 & 6.2, MIDI2MUS Paint Shop Pro 3, Windows Paintbrush, MicroLathe, FractInt 19.2, Cakewalk Apprentice, Midisoft Recording Session, Creative WaveStudio, Sound Impression, GoldWave, DEU 5.2, DEU32 5.2, HEU (too big for normal DEU!), HexEd (I hope I mentioned everyone)
Bugs: May crash on 4MB machines Seems to crash when entering MAP04. Just wait, it will come in some (dozens of?) seconds...
Important Do not try to save your game during School-DOOM levels. The game may crash with "Save game buffer overflow", at least on Gymnasium J-Norssi. Visplanes overflow sometimes occurs on the Park Level.
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