Filename: themes/university/stjohns.zip
Size: 95.81 KB
Date: 06/07/94
Author: Ian Calderbank
Description: This is a (fairly) topologically accurate map of St John's College,Cambridge. Architecturally speaking its fairly reasonable too (at least I think so). Contains no altered bitmaps,textures, sprites or sounds. Extensively play tested, designed primarily for deathmatch but single player is ok. A co-operative ending is required (2 players in co-operation) for a net game.

Secret passages are (mostly) relevant to St John's College and to the author, a graduate of St Johns . A working knowledge of St John's will help you find your way around.
Build time: about 3 weeks, on and off
Editor(s) used: doomcad,deu,dmapedit
Bugs: When compiled under IDBSP10, there is a Hall of mirrors effect visible at the top of the "chapel tower" when viewed from the "main gate".This bug disappears when compiled under BSP.However the IDBSP version is a fair sight faster (due to having the reject resource) so is more suited to a net game.Both versions are included.
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This is dated June 1994. Although buried away in the themes/ directory it's actually not a bad single-player level; unlike the classic Trinity.wad it only copies the layout of the college, rather than having lots of new textures. It's fairly crude and would be too fiddly for deathmatch, but you fight 172 baddies packed into a tight space and it's hectic at times. Very switch and trigger-hunty and ugly but I enjoyed it for ten minutes or so.x

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