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Wolfenstein 3D 1st Encounter
Faithful recreation of the original 3-level Wolfenstein demo. Created on a Macintosh....Date:11/07/96
Size:179.84 KB
Author:Laz Rojas

Wolfenstein 3D 2nd Encounter
Faithful recreation of the original 30-level...Date:12/19/97
Size:2.44 MB
Author:Laz Rojas

The Aftermath Demo...Date:11/07/96
Size:134.08 KB
Author:Bruce Ryder

Operation: Arctic Wolf Special Edition
19-level WolfenDOOM adventure, featuring new...Date:11/20/05
Size:6.46 MB
Author:Laz Rojas

10-level WolfenDOOM adventure, featuring new...Date:12/19/97
Size:3.69 MB
Author:Laz Rojas

Astrostein 2
10-level WolfenDOOM adventure, featuring new...Date:02/22/98
Size:2.57 MB
Author:Laz Rojas

Astrostein 3
13-level WolfenDOOM adventure, featuring new...Date:03/02/98
Size:3.27 MB
Author:Laz Rojas

Die, Fhrer, Die
Recreation of the Wolfenstein 3D scenario...Date:12/19/97
Size:1.49 MB
Author:Laz Rojas

Operation: Eisenmann
8-level WolfenDOOM adventure, featuring new...Date:12/19/97
Size:2.57 MB
Author:Laz Rojas

'GO GET 'EM'...the 'Ultimate Conquest' against the Nazis.
The Story So Far... After the Second World War ended (1945), all of the members of the Nazi clan, began to escape to different parts of the World. Some of the worst members like Dr. Josef Mengele decided to hide in Argentina. But the most dangero...Date:09/15/00
Size:872.41 KB
Author:Javier Fdo. Almenara Otoya

Halten Sie!
11-level WolfenDOOM adventure, featuring new...Date:04/23/03
Size:1.47 MB
Author:Laz Rojas

Treasure Hunt
10-level WolfenDOOM adventure, featuring new...Date:12/19/97
Size:1.89 MB
Author:Laz Rojas

Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Updated version of a few bugs, added an end of level map, and redone level 3 into more of a deathmatch level. Episode 1 Replacement. Level one is designed "similar" to the original Wolfenstein game. The episode contains some levels ...Date:09/02/94
Size:719.49 KB
Author:Norman Scott/Tim Scott

Return to Castle Wolfenstein (doom2 ver)
Replaces first 10 maps of Doom][ with new maps. This is a revision of the doom1 Episode 1 replacement. The maps contain some levels previously released by authors, modified levels, and completely new levels. Contains characters and textures from Wolf...Date:11/09/94
Size:724.18 KB
Author:Norman Scott/Tim Scott

Operation: Rheingold
3-level WolfenDOOM adventure, featuring new...Date:04/23/03
Size:2.89 MB
Author:Laz Rojas

Operation: Rheingold, Episode 2: "Gestapo
3-level WolfenDOOM adventure, featuring new...Date:04/23/03
Size:3 MB
Author:Laz Rojas

Spear of Destiny
Faithful recreation of the Wolfenstein 3D...Date:02/07/99
Size:2.62 MB
Author:Laz Rojas

Small Wolfenstein(DOOM)Level(Actually made for a friend) No weapons but a shotgun, double barrel shotgun....Date:01/08/99
Size:9.05 KB
Author:Tom Capizzi

Escape from Totenhaus
10-level WolfenDOOM adventure, featuring new...Date:12/19/97
Size:2.17 MB
Author:Laz Rojas

This was has been designed using the 1st level of the wolfenstein 3d as played in doom2, level31 While the layout of the map has remained basically unchanged, creatures from doom2, as well as varied hights in levels, stairs, lightin and textures have...Date:04/05/95
Size:105.78 KB
Author:Chris Shepardson
Remember Wolfenstein, the game that started it all? Well, here are the original troopers to put in doom....Date:05/11/94
Size:310.24 KB

Wolfenstein 3D 1st Encounter
Faithful recreation of the original 3-level Wolfenstein demo. Created on a Macintosh....Date:10/27/96
Size:1.23 MB
Author:Laz Rojas

Two simple maps I made to basicly see if I could make maps....Date:06/28/98
Size:20.34 KB
Author:Brian Parish

This WAD is a collection of some of the original Wolfenstein 3D sounds. I did not extract them myself, but I put them together in this format....Date:03/22/95
Size:81.17 KB
Author:Lord of the Flies

Wolfenstein Sprites
Changes game characters to Wolfenstein characters ---------------------------------------------------------- Former Human(Trooper) = Soldier Cacodemon = Soldier (fast) Lost Soul = Soldier (semi-deaf) --------------------------------------------------...Date:02/11/96
Size:261.51 KB
Author:Robert J.Hutchison

Wolfenstein: Machines of Death
The Sequel to Wolfenstein: Shadows of Destiny. This Total Conversion is a homage to my favorite Wolfenstein 3d mods, specifically WSJ's Project: Eisenritter, and all the WolfenDoom TC throughout the years. I hope you enjoy playing this Wolfenstein ...Date:04/11/18
Size:4.71 MB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

Stupidstein II: Spear of Dumbass
Obligatory "first-upload-to-/idgames" anniversary release. This is like Minesweeper, only the "mines" can cause chain reactions......Date:04/27/19
Size:91.47 KB

This was one of two maps I made to combat mapper's block a long time ago; the other map ended up in SlaughterMAX, albeit much harder than it originally was. I *think* this was designed more for co-op, as it is implemented. The cacodemon part might ...Date:04/27/18
Size:15.15 KB

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