Title: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Filename: themes/wolf3d/r2wolf11.zip
Size: 719.49 KB
Date: 09/02/94
Author: Norman Scott/Tim Scott
Description: Updated version of R2wolf.zip--Fixed a few bugs, added an end of level map, and redone level 3 into more of a deathmatch level. Episode 1 Replacement. Level one is designed "similar" to the original Wolfenstein game. The episode contains some levels previously released by authors, modified levels, and completely new levels. Contains characters and textures from Wolfenstein. There is also a new weapon to add to your pack.
Credits: * The creators of Wolfenstein * The creators of Doom * Bernd Kreimeier for designing Dmadds, to handle all the sprites. * Bill Neisius for his audio and graphic editors for both Doom and Wolfenstein
Base: Contains the following previously released single level wads by same authors - Afro, Thekeep2, and Hooter (Stepper) wads.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Dmgraph * Dmaud * BSP11x * Deu521 * Neopaint
Rating: (11 votes)
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Good stuff, but dmadds.exe gives up when it can't find PBULA0 in the IWAD, because that sprite only exists in very early releases (like Doom v1.1)x
Great to see this is still out there. I'm one of the original "authors" of this one. ;) --tim x
very nice. :3x
Godfather of shoot 'em upx

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