Title: At play in the fields of the Cyber's
Filename: themes/wtf/wtf-kbr5.zip
Size: 71.47 KB
Date: 05/25/98
Author: Peter van der Kooij
Description: A solo wad or deathmatch if you like,with a lot of secrets and platform's
Base: New level from scratch!
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Doomcad 5.1,DeePbsp,NWT,Chesterfield's
Bugs: Some dude's won't chase you.There stuck.
Rating: (2 votes)

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This is dated March 1996. It's fun, although technically crude (there are lots of stuck monsters, SS men, textures akimbo, stairs you can't run down without bashing your head). Some clever secrets, a decent amount of action, occasionally switch-hunty. Cyberdemon only present on easy mode, no fields.x

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