Title: The Ultimate STENCH TRENCH series
Filename: themes/wtf/wtf-stnc.zip
Size: 164.05 KB
Date: 05/25/98
Author: GLEN HUEY and HeVaN
Description: Deathmatch for DOOM II, enough said This is the kind of deathmatch your parents warned you about!!! Theses levels are not too big, but the more players, the better. Kill'em all and let God sort'em out. New music bij HEVAN
Credits: Heath the closet DOOM God, Mitch, and Rob who let me play on their Pentium network, and Mountain Dew.

B. Vannatta, maker of the Danzig deathmatch series. Danzig19 is the best deathmatch wad I have played yet; if you can't hang in this one then you suck. Everyone should check it out.
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.2 ( The idiot's wad editor )
Bugs: Should not be any; let me know if you find one.
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