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Ok SO here it is. The 3Kewl.wad for doom, doom II, Final Doom, and StarWars Tc Doom. First off DO NOT USE THIS LEVEL IF YOU ARE NOT 21 YEARS OR OLDER OR IF PICTURES OF NAKED WOMEN OFFEND YOU. This level takes almost all of the textures from ...Date:06/04/97
Size:5.09 MB

The winner gets it all(?)...Date:03/23/02
Size:204.04 KB
Author:Harry Daalmeijer (planetone)

a Morte [15 maps - 3 Hubs]
Berlin, 1945. Things are heating up and Inside an old church a cabal of Nosferati begin opening portals, looking for another realm to evacuate to. Unfortunately for them they come across an arachnid-infested mausoleum, where a hero awakens... Exten...Date:06/30/16
Size:41.19 MB

Anna Nicole Smith
Most doors are changed, switches, and title screen!!...Date:06/30/97
Size:133.48 KB

Ars Doom (repackaged edition)
Welcome to ARSDOOM! An attempt for an artists project using the wellknown doom engine and wellhacked internal formats. No blood-feast! About 20 artists have been invited to exhibit in the virtual museum located in the Brucknerhaus in Linz, where...Date:12/08/15
Size:1.69 MB
Author:Ars Electronica 95 Project

Ars Doom
An attempt for an artists project using the wellknown doom engine and wellhacked internal formats. No blood-feast! About 20 artists have been invited to exhibit in the virtual museum located in the Brucknerhaus in Linz, where every year an exhibi...Date:07/19/96
Size:1.78 MB
Author:Orhan Kipcak & Reini Urban

Bittersweet *UNFINISHED*
To play, simple step onto the plate across the blood pool and wait for a chime. Hit use to start. When the loading screen says READY, hit use again to begin. Kill everything and return to an angel pad. Beat the bosses to open the books, and repeat. ...Date:04/05/06
Size:15.9 MB
Author:Mouse, a.k.a. LilWhiteMouse, a.k.a. LWM

Buttman 3D for DOOM!
This will replace the imps with flaming hemorroid thrower BUTTMAN! *CAUTION* you need a good sense of humour!...Date:11/13/04
Size:122.26 KB
Author:Jody Melanson

Chaos Upon Earth (Formerly known as Terrorism)
just kick ass (really I didn't have time yet for a description)...Date:06/05/98
Size:3.92 MB
Author:Chris Pisarczyk

Co-op (Ha, ha!)
A really cool deathmatch level! It includes several pictures of semi-nude babes and even a maze that's contents can be viewed from a height. Even if you don't play many deathmatches, it an aesthetically appealing level......Date:12/15/95
Size:115.27 KB
Author:Andrew Moore

Doomguy's pimp ventures II: The More,The Merrier.
After your last pimp ventures, you realize that you may be in for a world of trouble! The local gang-bangers didn't appreciate how you treated one of their finest hoes last time, so you need to leave this lowlife-ridden mo...Date:02/11/07
Size:1.08 MB
Author:Randy & Mandy

Doomguy's pimp ventures III: Cybie Dreams
After barely escaping from last time's trouble, you take a few moments to rest. Your eyes close, and you start dreaming about a better place. A place where you can be happy, a place with no troubles and worries, a place where you can have what you wa...Date:01/01/08
Size:658.26 KB
Author:Randy & Mandy

Doomguy's pimp ventures 3.5: Moar Futa
I made this as a birthday present for my best friend ever, Randy. He says he hates Futa, but I know he's lying because everyone likes Futa. I hope you like it too!...Date:04/01/09
Size:724.47 KB

Desert Paradise
Possibly the most controversial in Doom history I have ever made, takes place after the events of Ocean House. You finally escape that sunken dreadful place to teleport somewhere out in the desert. You keep going straight until you end up in some ver...Date:11/17/12
Size:8.82 MB
Author:Doomguy 2000

DELUXE, a new environment for your preferred: DOOM ][
A file that constains some new Sound Effects, new Music (for level 1) and some new stuff, like 'nude' textures and screens, and much more; take a time and enjoy this WAD file....Date:12/05/99
Size:363.04 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya

Demolition Wad + Circus
DEMOLITION WAD A hard level for DooM ][ CIRCUS Just a nice level for DM...Date:05/09/96
Size:365.36 KB
Author:Pablo Costas
Enjoy, and in return for this I would appreciate it if you could tell me where I can find XXXDoom or mail it to me at:...Date:10/31/94
Size:55.13 KB

Add a little spice in you DOOMED life! PWAD-version
Add a little spice in you DOOMED life! This file changes your DOOM sound effects. Your new sounds will have explicit language, you know.... 4 letter words....Date:08/10/05
Size:238.21 KB
Author:Ben Jordan

FIRST READ THE README.TXT FILE, after that.... This .wad is a strange compilation of stuff that some people I know and myself threw together when I showed them all the neat editing tricks for DOOM. Hell, I did all the real work ;) PLEASE DON'T DOWNLO...Date:06/10/96
Size:596.4 KB
Author:Philip Stavitsky 'DoomGuy in TITLEPIC'

The Doomed, formerly known as No Doubt
This wad contains nudity and violence. The weak of heart need not apply. This is the 1.1 Beta version of a very awesome deathmatch wad that is very, very challenging in single player....Date:06/25/96
Size:213.65 KB
Author:Danny Kingston and Matthew Crowston

Doom 1 porno version - pandering to my exhibitionism...Date:01/27/96
Size:2.52 MB
Author:Fi, of course !

DooM Perverse (legalized version)
Gory porn weapons and items. The shotgun and the saw are penises. The pulse rifle is a female breast and the BFG9000 a vagina. Also messages and sounds in czech language....Date:12/02/05
Size:839.63 KB
Author:Unknown czech DooMer

Doom: Uncut
Makes the monsters anatomically correct again, with the exception of Hell Knight, Cyberdemon and Archvile, as well as all clothed/skeletal monsters....Date:07/31/05
Size:118.86 KB

ELENIAK, a new environment for your preferred: DOOM ][
A file that constains some new Sound Effects, new Music (for level 1) and some new stuff, like 'nude' screens of this pretty woman. Take a time and enjoy this WAD file....Date:12/27/00
Size:184.36 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya

32 maps....Date:02/24/22
Size:30.22 MB
This contains 1 animation replacement flat and the DEM1-4 series with a REALLY shocking picture!...Date:12/05/97
Size:50.59 KB

Free Men Bear Arms
Yet another feeling playing DOOM with lots of traps and tricks. The gfx are well-designed and some are adult stuff. Includes some training levels....Date:04/07/01
Size:3.87 MB
Author:Michael Kloss-Elkrieff

Yiffy Art for either Dooms
Warning: this wad contains sexually explict and frontal nudity graphics. I reccomend being 18 or over to play this WAD...Date:02/28/98
Size:213.45 KB

Gallery is a wad that replaces e1m1 of doom. It has all new graphics of Anne Nicole Smith, Erika Elanik, and even Pam Lee. Before you get to see these hot chicks you have to pass a couple tests, find you way through the forest and the security sy...Date:12/05/95
Size:95.86 KB
Author:the author of PD3D

Gateway station
What kind of description do you want? Just waste EVERYTHING without dying. NOT easy!...Date:04/17/96
Size:167.26 KB
Author:Bruce David Kellock

Well, if this level doesn't prove I'm a nerd, I don't know what would. Whoever's offended by it, use the 'delete' command. Truth is, I wanted to play with WinTex and make a few new textures, but not being able to afford a...Date:04/14/97
Size:729.9 KB
Author:Jim McFarland

This is an expanded version of my earlier "GIRLY.WAD" I started out cleaning up some texture mistakes, and then it began to grow. If you have the earlier one, you'll recognize a lot of the scenery, but there are some new areas -...Date:06/13/97
Size:1.09 MB
Author:Jim McFarland

Hard Fast Party Pack
Standalone sprite and sound sets from HFFM. NSFW! These are all based on gachimuchi concepts, and they are quite manly and masculine, and very gay. Use these for your own hard and gay maps, or play Hideous Destructor with these fabulous assets. Possi...Date:08/22/21
Size:2.89 MB

Caco sprite replacement. Load up E3M1 and enjoy!...Date:06/25/14
Size:13.42 KB

Industrial Techware Doom-Part I ver 2.0
Theme changes dramaticly from level to level, ie. E1M4 is completely "clean". E1M6 used to be nice little nuclear town before hell broke lose......Date:12/02/98
Size:855.46 KB
Author:Micah Harwell aka The Doctor

Jizzin' Cocks 1.1
Size:1.38 MB

JennyDoom for Doom1.
Regular Doom but with some new wall textures. I wonder who these pics are of.????...Date:01/20/97
Size:572.38 KB
Author:I know who I am and I'M sure you do too.

You are standing at the bottom of a long flight of steps. There is a brass lantern on the floor. No! Wait! You must infiltrate the hated Nazi headquarters...No! Damn... (Find the keys and get out)...Date:08/04/06
Size:67.1 KB
Author:John C. Lyons

LUKASMUD.WAD is a patch file for DOOM II. It contains 3 porno pics for 31-th and 32-th levels and replaces Cybermonster. To play, unzip the LUKASMUD.ZIP file in your DoomII directory, then at the command-line enter INSTALL.BAT After installing, run L...Date:01/18/00
Size:83.9 KB

RV-007 Map Sector Experiments
my_map_laggo_or_nooh.wad This is my first map, but as an experiment rather than a demo. Nevermind the matter of gameplay for it has none (it sucks). Therefore, I could care less about votes or reviews of the file itself. Rather, I care more about fee...Date:05/12/18
Size:30.93 MB

Mansion of DOOM 18+ 1.0
Women have been mysteriously disappearing since the mansion reopened. Known as a den of sin, it had a sketchy reputation even before the new owners. Get into the mansion and find out what happened. NSFW, contains adult artwork & video, more of an exp...Date:03/05/23
Size:16.65 MB

moans and other nasty noises
A whole slew of erotic sounds for Doom 2. Most of These were stolen from the news group alt.binaries.erotica.sounds...Date:01/16/96
Size:2.17 MB
Author:I don't think so Tim

Nicole Bass Wad Level 1
Finally, some easy duty. You got stationed as the Space Marine Liason at a Space Force Bass. The Space Force has contracted out with one of the spiffiest civilian Health Centers for its physical fitness facilities. SO, you go to the Nicole Bass Human...Date:12/10/97
Size:1.95 MB
Author:Stephen Huff

Meet Pamela Anderson in DOOM !. But be warned: You're not the only one who is looking for her. There are lots of guys like you moving around with exactly the same goals as yours. Enjoy....Date:12/06/95
Size:657.63 KB
Author:HENK Gierveld

PlayBoy DooM ][ Part I & Part II "The Hottest Girls!"
A file that contains some new sounds changes, some new music, a new map & also some new graphics. You should use a modern engine to play this WAD file....Date:12/14/02
Size:538.08 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya

PD3D (Porn Doom 3D)
Size:2.95 MB
Author:Matt Berseth

PornDoom v1.0
This puppy has been on the back burner for the last 4 months, but we finally got around to putting all the pics in a pwad file. This is a collection of 45 beautiful, gorgeous, tantalizing (and titillating), and yes even in some cases shocking, pictur...Date:07/09/94
Size:434.98 KB
Author:Don "Billy what is it?!" Edil, Jon "God I'm Good!" Somodi, and inspired by Rob "Yeah! 15 frags! Luck

Perv Heaven
The babes... and some guys that just can't stop smiling!...Date:06/01/96
Size:558.09 KB
Author:Manuel Correa; Jose Figueroa; Andrew "Fuckin'" Moore

Petra Verkaik Tribute Wad
Petra Verkaik was the November 1989 playmate. Her website is . She makes the list of most asked questions about playmates as the answer to 'Which playmate was saved in an automobile accident by her breasts?' This wad is a se...Date:07/25/97
Size:3.92 MB
Author:Stephen Huff

I heard of a porn.wad, but couldn't find it on the net. The obvious alternative to not finding it was to make it... and here it is. I'm proud of it. It's a very large file (sorry) and was a lot of work. However, it is quite explicitly pornographic. D...Date:08/25/95
Size:992.23 KB
Author:I'd rather not say. My logo is there.

Vanessa the killer bitch
No story. Just a shorty and almost decent porn/hentai/"hostel" movie style/wtf/tokyo mew mew wad.......Date:07/03/07
Size:760.04 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Doom2....naked chicks....put together...enough said. Based on map7...Date:07/06/95
Size:491.08 KB
Author:k.a. Phm

PORNWOLF.WAD is a patch file for DOOM II. It contains 3 porno pics for 31-th level (and for 32-th level too). To play, unzip the PORNWOLF.ZIP file in your DoomII directory, then at the command-line enter doom2 -warp 31 -file pornwolf.wad...Date:01/03/00
Size:30.48 KB

Peter Perv's Private Place
Peter wants you to clean his place on the water....Date:04/03/11
Size:1 MB

SEX.ZIP is a sound PWAD for doom that I created a long time ago, but at the insistance of my friends, who enjoy it immensely, I'm uploading it to infant. There are far too many sources to mention, but the pwad gets its name from the fact tha...Date:06/10/94
Size:201.9 KB
Author:Wade Stewart

SEXY GIRLS, pick-up the most provocative items you can ;)
A file that contains some new items changes, that are now some SeXy Girls, which are waiting for you :) You can use any engine to play this WAD file; of course to allow the use of the '-Deh' paramater, you should use an engine like BooM, Legacy or ZD...Date:04/03/01
Size:64.48 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya, Ruddy Palacios Rodriguez.

You're back on campus. There's a stillness in the air. And a pistol in your hand....Date:07/28/95
Size:399.08 KB
Author:Mark Bartusis

THE SHE DEVIL OF DOOM (pwad-version)
Complete archive to replace the Pink Demons in DOOM with wicked, green, flying 'She Devils'! At last, female monster! great!...Date:11/11/04
Size:97.61 KB
Author:Carl Steinhilber

This is a sprite wad. It replaces several sprites in Doom2 with nude or semi-nude female monsters. The rating for this wad is "NC17". You should take precautions to keep it out of the hands of those who should not view such material (children, religi...Date:09/21/00
Size:1.62 MB

Sirens II
This is a 14 level pwad designed to go with Sirens (my sprite wad)....Date:06/13/11
Size:2.5 MB

Deathmatch Warriors in the Land of Giant Women
This wad is an exercise in the graphic arts using the doom2 game engine, the wintex texture editor and paint shop pro to manipulate and insert images into a doom2 wad. Different techniques and display architecture is used. This wad contains material ...Date:12/12/96
Size:4.12 MB
Author:Stephen Huff

Warning - contains a sprite of a nude woman. SLUT is a remake of the mission "Surface Call" from Half-Life Decay (extra coop/single-player missions that come with the PS2 version of Half- Life). I built the map by loading the Half-Life mission on m...Date:05/09/10
Size:763.85 KB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

SPACIA: A Silly DOOM space advanture
22 very small levels for Doom2, all with a bad sense of humour. On the first 11, you are stuck in space and you need to find a way to get off you must try to find a way to defeat a rather useless Arch-vile on the 11th level and then kiss old man with...Date:04/09/02
Size:2.74 MB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

SUCCUBI is a (TC) porn wad. It contains over 100 'dirty pictures' merely as decoration and 6 animations for spice. The real treat however is that there are a good number of brand new sprites! This is the only Doom Wad I know of that actually has nake...Date:05/04/97
Size:1.24 MB

Hardcore cartoon porn. YEAH!! See Spiderman getting it on, along wiht your other fave super heroes...Date:08/22/98
Size:2.4 MB
Author:Justin White

The Ultimate Busty Fucking Hardcore Porno Doom Level
After killing the Icon of Sin and returning to Earth, you thought the demons were dead, but they're not!!! You look around and you and you see a monster in front of the gateway. After you kill him and jump into the gateway you're like: "What the hell...Date:04/12/21
Size:13.45 MB
Author:Lord Mattus

Porno Doom (The Ultimate Fucking Hardcore Porn Doom Wad)
The level consists of big rooms with naked women everywhere. Shoot your way through the demons and experience those varied rooms....Date:10/12/07
Size:12.15 MB

The Ultimate DTVDOOM
We are sure you don't know DTV Now, it will become your nightmare ! This wad is the complete map of DTV Level 01: THE RESTAURANT Enter DTV by the restaurant. Level 02: CAD LAB Discover the offices of the developpers. Sweep out the Darth Nanard Bo...Date:10/06/96
Size:1.18 MB
Author:Regis LE BOITE Edgard NOEL for Graphics

This is a huge conversion WAD that contains over 400 new sprite and graphic frames and a little under 100 new sounds. All new original weapons, including the never before seen Penis Gun!! All the new enimes are original (execpt the high-tech semi-inv...Date:07/27/96
Size:1.33 MB
Author:Christopher Sanchez

Wolfenshit Act 4: Es gab eine Act 3, aber sie saugt wirklich gehochladen zu werden
Don't download this one. I noticed you. Our, if you don't want to hear me, play at your own risk. Aniway,this is the fabolous 4th chapter of the Wolfenshit Saga... play and you see teh best (our worst?) of jokewads, like x-rated content, delirant scr...Date:04/14/07
Size:6.65 MB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

6 levels for doom2 with new adult graphics. I normally do not upload a wad file with less than 10 or 12 levels, but this is just messing around. I would get bored and start in on wadauthor because it is a creative high to draw lines on a computer scr...Date:10/29/00
Size:3.7 MB
Author:Stephen Huff

You're at the HQ, thinking about the newt weekend, when a message arrives. It says that your favorite WhoreHouse has been taken by a horde of creatures from Hell. " Your own place to relax !!! They will see !!!! ", you think. However, the message als...Date:05/05/99
Size:677.18 KB
Author:Gul Dahre'el

WOW! is a wad with no changes in the level maps, only the walls are changed. I did it with Dmgraph, so I couldn't change the sprites. Now I've got wintex I will be able to do this also (coming soon). The pics are of naked girls but there are no sex s...Date:06/05/97
Size:2.78 MB

Well, the idea came just before I finished WOW! That PWAD is jolly good but there are no modified sprites nor flats. That is because I had only dmgraph to work with, and this program cannot manage these sprites properly. So I downloaded Wintex. Then ...Date:11/20/97
Size:726.86 KB

Xdoom an Erotic Conversion (wow2mov1)
To learn how to Doom with one hand :). Just don't take a rocket in the back while watching walls....Date:06/30/95
Size:2.08 MB
Author:Thomas Spaulding

Xdoom an Erotic Conversion (wow2pic1)
To learn how to Doom with one hand :). Just don't take a rocket in the back while watching walls. ...Date:06/30/95
Size:2 MB
Author:Thomas Spaulding

X-RATED.WAD, version 1.0 Beta (01-09-1995)
Okay and now for the story or better .... your mission. A cute, blond (why do they always have to be blond?), innocent girl is (you won't believe it till you see it) kidnapped by aliens and as far as you can judge they will do mean, and I mean v...Date:09/04/95
Size:672.47 KB
Author:HENK Gierveld

X.WaD SenSuAL EdiTioN . NeW ConcePT of WAD
TheRe iS A MAnSioN in The DowNTowN . IT WaS LefT a Long Time Ago By his OWNEr ,a RiCH BaroN .A stranGe PerSon .EveryBody TalKEd about the rituals ,about the scream...Date:06/22/96
Size:1.19 MB
Author: RiCHaRD D a D D ; LM ; FCTR

This single-level Deathmatch WAD has numerous "one way" walls and secret areas for you to discover before your opponents. Most of the good items lie in secret areas, (there's even an animated STRIPSHOW!) so check for secret doors and walk-through...Date:09/17/97
Size:152.56 KB
Author:Michael MacLeod

Play Doom II with sexy pictures all around! Also listen to the NEW sounds that are included, and they are NOT nice sounds! We also included 30 levels of Doom II levels that we hacked off a Doom II CD. Enjoy!...Date:06/13/95
Size:967.38 KB
Author:The Gang at JTS Software!

Play Doom II with sexy pictures all around! Also listen to the NEW sounds that are included, and they are NOT nice sounds! We also included 30 levels of Doom II levels that we hacked off a Doom II CD. Enjoy!...Date:06/13/95
Size:1.27 MB
Author:The Gang at JTS Software!

There's naked chicks on this map!!! 9 seperate jpgs, full nudity! Based on map7 with some minor adjustments as well as the addition of the pictures. Also includes new sounds, orgasminc type stuff....Date:11/18/95
Size:1.21 MB

X Sounds. 1.0
A couple dozen new sounds for Doom 2. Most of These were stolen from the news group alt.binaries erotica.sounds...Date:09/15/95
Size:1.84 MB
Author:Ha! Like I'm gonna admit I made this

This is by far the best XXX wad out there!!! The movies are the best part. E-mail me for questions/comments/suggestions...Date:02/03/96
Size:664.6 KB

Graphics patch for people who wants pornographical dooming experince. "New dimension in computer gaming field" -Pussy Magazine "Dooming with xxxdoom is more exciting than ever!" -Times "Masterpiece!" -Newsweek "My heart canaot stand this." -J...Date:07/21/94
Size:1.39 MB
Author:Jxolliac Starblaze

Ratzepimmel's World
A fucking simple level, some cool Sounds and Graphics and a modified EXE-File. (You have got 1000% Health)...Date:12/27/96
Size:411.72 KB
Author:Jan "Ratzepimmel" Mehler NICK on IRC:XXX

Size:125.11 KB

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