Title: 3Kewl
Filename: themes/x-rated/i_am_old_enough_to_look_at_this/3kewl.zip
Size: 5.09 MB
Date: 06/04/97
Description: Ok SO here it is. The 3Kewl.wad for doom, doom II, Final Doom, and StarWars Tc Doom. First off DO NOT USE THIS LEVEL IF YOU ARE NOT 21 YEARS OR OLDER OR IF PICTURES OF NAKED WOMEN OFFEND YOU. This level takes almost all of the textures from the games and replaces them with pictures. A few textures were not changed such as the lites and the door track texture, but thats about it. I may give support to hertic if I get around to it. Not sure yet if its possible, it should be tho. Also support might be given to the rest of TeamTnt levels if I get to it. Who Knows. I know a 5mb file is a lot to download, but this is worth it. Believe Me!!
Credits: id, many posters to usenet.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: don't ask {at least a year, on and off..}
Editor(s) used: DEEP 6.22, WINTEX 3.44
Bugs: None, All of the levels Should work. I actually haven't playtested all the levels with this pwad, but there shouldn't be any problems. I did play most of them tho.
Rating: (9 votes)
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It's like going back in time, observing ancient autism at its finest.x
Poor. It's a small deathmatch level with three rooms, including two square areas with some corridors, and an outdoors bit with a maze. The wall textures are close-up shots of isolated female body parts, which is disturbing rather than sexy. The level of rudeness goes up to spread legs but there are no cocks or penetration etc.x
What a waste of time.x

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