Title: DELUXE, a new environment for your preferred: DOOM ][
Filename: themes/x-rated/i_am_old_enough_to_look_at_this/deluxe.zip
Size: 363.04 KB
Date: 12/05/99
Author: Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya
Description: A file that constains some new Sound Effects, new Music (for level 1) and some new stuff, like 'nude' textures and screens, and much more; take a time and enjoy this WAD file.
Credits: LionHeart TM. and to all the persons that have developed that usefull Tools to Make and Change the Doom Environment (WinTex, Deusf, CleanWAD, TED, Midi2Mus and much others). Oh sure, Id Soft. for their DOOM.
Base: New Sound Effects, Music and Textures for ADULTS.
Build time: Oh, come on, I'm not really sure. But I guess, I had take a good time for all of this...
Editor(s) used: Sure, I have used for this creation: WinTex, a complete interfase to Modify and Create WADS Deusf, a file that helps joining the WADS (and more) CleanWAD, obviously to clean the wasted space of WADS TED, to change the End Screen Midi2Mus, make a Midi file changes its format for DOOM Also I have checked out some other tools in my way of building it.
Bugs: ¿Bugs?... well, I didn't find anyone in all the way arround while I was checking the WAD. Please contact me, if you find some strange problem.
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Not worth playing, stay away from this unless you want to see some good racks. 1/5 Doomguy 2000x
As awful as you would expect; overload, clashing sounds that have been incompetently converted into 8-bit (with clicks at the end), grainy black and white scans from Playboy, and a huge fake nude of Denise Richards on the title screen. Denise Richards! I remember her. If she'd been more nude she would have had a longer career.x

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