Title: DoomFi
Filename: themes/x-rated/i_am_old_enough_to_look_at_this/doomfi.zip
Size: 2.52 MB
Date: 01/27/96
Author: Fi, of course !
Description: Doom 1 porno version - pandering to my exhibitionism
Base: Originally PD3D.WAD for Doom 1 but lotsa changes
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Adobe PS for the scans, Wintex, PSP.
Bugs: None that I know of - tested on Doom 1.2 upgraded to 1.9 using the Id patch.
Rating: (13 votes)
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ty bro i think its workx
Kind of pointless, but it really is one of the better porn wads I've played, even though the only changes it makes are cosmetic. I wish the author had done more with this, like converted a lot more of the monsters and textures. Meh.x
This consists of a few poor-quality pictures of presumably the author's wife, plus a couple of Playboy-style images and some animations (a young, pre-implant Pamela Anderson, I think). There's no actual level. It's bulked up to 2mb by including what looks like all of Doom's original sprites, so I reckon that the wad is technically illegal.x
More an exhibitionist than a pervert, really. Stil, Fi should not give up her day job.x

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