Filename: themes/x-rated/i_am_old_enough_to_look_at_this/lukasmud.zip
Size: 83.9 KB
Date: 01/18/00
Author: Vlad
Description: LUKASMUD.WAD is a patch file for DOOM II. It contains 3 porno pics for 31-th and 32-th levels and replaces Cybermonster. To play, unzip the LUKASMUD.ZIP file in your DoomII directory, then at the command-line enter INSTALL.BAT After installing, run LUKASMUD.BAT and enjoy
Base: New level from scratch PORNWOLF.WAD
Build time: Not long
Editor(s) used: PhotoShop
Bugs: none
Rating: (6 votes)
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The cyberdemon is replaced by a cropped picture of some beady-eyed guy with a mustache and receding hairline that I keep feeling like I know who he is. The 3 porno pics are replacements of the WOLFxx textures and are surprisingly not raped beyond recognition by doom's native palette. 3/5 because of the quality of the pics.x

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