Title: X-RATED.WAD, version 1.0 Beta (01-09-1995)
Filename: themes/x-rated/i_am_old_enough_to_look_at_this/x-rated.zip
Size: 672.47 KB
Date: 09/04/95
Author: HENK Gierveld
Description: Okay and now for the story or better .... your mission. A cute, blond (why do they always have to be blond?), innocent girl is (you won't believe it till you see it) kidnapped by aliens and as far as you can judge they will do mean, and I mean very mean, things to her. So there is only one thing you can do in those cases: SAVE HER BY FEROCIOUS FORCE. "Why" you would ask. It's because of your limited persuasive verbal capacities on extragalactic negotiations. Beware: I've heard rumours these alien guys already made mutated clones of her, but I'm not sure. You simply have to find out. Furthermore it's important for you to know that she is held captive in an isolated movie theatre (adults only!). So if you think you've got plenty of time left and ignore her heartbreaking cries, you can always take a look at one or more of the movies. By the way the only currency that's accepted there are 'chewing yellow skull coins'.
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In No Clipping Mode, you'll get all kinds of visplane errors with this. Otherwise, pretty decent level and when you start the next level (Underhalls from Doom 2) the imps are still naked chicks, which is cool.x
the sounds and the Caco Replacement are FUNNY! i wonder exactly where the author got most of the stuff from?-DZombiex
His wife lets him do this kind of stuff? O_ox
This is a bizarre map that is slightly better than I expected. The design work is competent but bland for 1995 - I have played much worse - and the extra textures almost work (there's an S&M theme, with some seriously rough-looking women). The nudity amounts to some toplessness, some bondage, and a couple of cartoon women, including a big-breasted cacodemon replacement and a nude Betty Boop. The imps become bound women, thus amplifying the prevailing imp=feminine paradigm.x

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