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100 Line Christmas (Community Project)
Merry Christmas everyone! :D 100 Line Christmas is a mini community project targeting Vanilla Doom 2 (complevel 2). The project is inspired by Arsinikk and NinjaDelphox's 100 Line Massacre. As the 100 in the title suggests, each map was limited t...Date:01/04/23
Size:4.87 MB
Author:Arsinikk and others

The 12 Days of Doommas
The 12 Days of Doommas is a megaWAD featuring 15 speedmaps made for the December edition of BluePineapple's monthly speedmapping series. Celebrate the wonderful holiday of Doommas by wrecking the halls in these 15 winter wonderlands! Each map was m...Date:02/06/21
Size:3.71 MB
Author:Various, compiled by BluePineapple72

12 MORE Days of Doommas
12 MORE Days of Doommas is the fourteenth edition of PUSS, BluePineapple72's monthly speedmapping series. These maps were built with the Doomxmas resources; a beautiful vanilla modification pack paletted to a range of whites to off whites and contain...Date:07/15/22
Size:5.28 MB
Author:Various, compiled by BluePineapple72

Bagellio's Christmas Wad
Christmas, 1993. Santa has failed to gift you the hot new video game, DOOM. Your response? Destroy him....Date:12/23/22
Size:1.04 MB

The DBK Holiday Special
Mangle all the way across the galaxy as Doomguy does some last-minute Christmas Eve shopping!...Date:01/10/24
Size:16.3 MB
Author:The DBK

A Doomer Boards Christmas Carol
It's that time of year again. Snow is falling, carolers are caroling... and Cyberneezer Scrooge has frozen time to stop Santa from delivering everyone's Christmas presents! Sounds like a job for Doomguy, right? Well, to be honest, you're just not f...Date:11/29/20
Size:9.06 MB

DBP31: Santa's Outback Bender
It’s almost Christmas Eve, but no one’s seen Santa since he left to go party with demons in Australia! Those dudes are such bad influences... hell, they've practically got the whole country on lockdown. You hate being a buzzkill, but if someone d...Date:01/31/21
Size:9.52 MB

Christmas In Inferno
You play as santa and go to hell and back to deliver presents back to earth from the snowy frozen hell....Date:05/24/23
Size:4.43 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Qrew

The Merry Christmassy Doom Project v1.1
Christmas hijinks aplenty from ya good blood at Doomer Boards for your festive Doom pleasure....Date:02/05/19
Size:2.21 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

DOOM CHRISTMAS - For Doom II & Final Doom
This is the ULTIMATE Christmas compilation - Use it to add a little holiday cheer to your favorite IWAD or PWAD! Please use the included doomxmas.deh file or some issues will arise. There are also 32 Christmas MIDIs included as doomxmus.wad and silly...Date:01/02/17
Size:3.55 MB
Author:Various (see credits)

A One Rabbit Open Slay
UAC scientists have caused a lot of problems in the past, but even they deserve some thanks this time of year! What better place to start than the factory that produces the BFG 9000! Oh yes! As it's the middle of the night, the base is locked up ti...Date:01/26/22
Size:24.17 MB
Author:Dreadopp and Lord_Z

Spontanious map here - frantic mean start - 7 secrets - Doomkid Christmas resources - have fun - just gotta survive the crazy start mostly or try other difficulties...Date:12/21/23
Size:2.43 MB
Author:Clippy Clippington

Frostbite Express
Complevel 9 (Boom) Train level inspired by Build Engine vehicle levels (see Blood E1M3) and The Polar Express (movie). Enjoy the view while you can. This was meant to be part of a larger wad collaboration with some of the folks from Civvie 11's D...Date:12/24/23
Size:2.74 MB
Author:Emperor S P O O N

The Gingerbread Knight
Uh-oh! It looks like Grandma's cookies has gone horribly wrong. This mod basically redecorates the Hellknight with some edits I've done and I might as well since it's the holidays....Date:12/19/15
Size:239.14 KB

32-level pwad for Doom2 (Doom 2, required)...Date:02/27/96
Size:1.85 MB
Author:(See Credits)

Mori Christmas!
At the first time in my Doom mapping carreer, I could make a proper map for the holidays. Consider it as a speedmap because I was very fast at creating it, but it still took two days of heavy work to finish it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! ...Date:01/18/15
Size:1.37 MB
Author:Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori"

The Xmas Episode That Never Was
A short christmas theme mapset...Date:01/04/23
Size:707.92 KB

Twisted Joke
I signed up for the DAC. It died. My map didn't :P Basically I've gone for a silly sort of christmas theme and went for a few new twists. If you can stand ugly mapping, the innovation of the ski slope should be fun :P You have to play through the sta...Date:12/21/06
Size:408.43 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Pigeon Speedmapping Session 3 -- 50 Christmas Pigeons
This is the third installment of Pigeon speedmapping sessions. Main goal was to make a map under a limit of three hours and the themes were: 1) Maps shouldn't go below 1024x1024 and not beyond 3072x3072. 2)Include purple or teal textures. 3)Good us...Date:12/27/17
Size:4.06 MB
Author:A2Rob, Forli, JudgeDeadd, leodoom85, Myst.Haruko, Naza, NoisyVelvet, Spie812, Scotty, therektafire,

Clipster Wonkels Presents A Bonecrushing Pizza Clipmas!
An evil pizza something er other take over christmas So there is you in the mall shopping for gifts but for yourself u selfish bastard but there demons also at mall and will mess u up bro - pizza on the walls what can it mean - you die and end up at ...Date:12/20/22
Size:1.96 MB
Author:Clippy Clippington & Wilster Wonkels

A Very punch you in the face man Christmas
Christmas map made as a gift for 4chan's retro games board. Short slaughter map. Uses OTEX....Date:03/22/21
Size:927.35 KB
Author:punch you in the face man

A Very punch you in the face man Christmas 2
Short black metal themed map. Made as a gift for 4chan's retro games board. Uses Requiem textures....Date:01/29/22
Size:524.98 KB
Author:punch you in the face man

A Very punch you in the face man Christmas 3
Christmas map made as a gift for 4chan's retro games board. Uses Eternal Doom resources. Skill 4 only, skill 2 removes snow....Date:02/01/23
Size:638.75 KB
Author:punch you in the face man

PUSS XXIII: Mappin' Round the Doommas Tree
Mappin' Round the Doommas Tree is the twenty-third edition of PUSS: the Pineapple Under the Sea Speedmapping Series. I got bored on the 23rd and said 'screw it! 2 PUSSs in one month won't hurt!' And it didn't! Check out the Chilling Winds of Dis! M...Date:06/18/23
Size:4.4 MB
Author:Various, compiled by BluePineapple72

Snow Wave Community Project
Snow Wave Community project is Christmas holiday project that ran from 2023 November to January 2024. Initially, there were 21 levels submitted, but for undisclosed reasons, it became 20 levels pack. Difficulty goes from easy to really hard, use diff...Date:04/14/24
Size:33.32 MB
Author:Misty and Many Wonderful Mappers

A War On Christmas
After reports of a mass slaughtering of good little children by a crazed man in a Santa suit,...Date:12/20/22
Size:3.11 MB
Author:Andrea Rovenski

A War On Christmas: Part 2
The Devilish Creature behind The Evil Santa Cloning Operation wasn't who you thought it was... Now, they're back. And they've made a few upgrades to their sinister plans......Date:12/07/23
Size:3.4 MB
Author:Andrea Rovenski

Winter In The City
Finally uploaded a wad right as 2016 is coming to a close soon. Another Xmas themed wad which is VERY rare to see. Decided to kick it oldschool like it's 94'. I've had this thing for almost 2 or so years. Hope you all enjoy and hope to improve s...Date:12/12/16
Size:1.97 MB
Here is a Doom WAD consisting of 19 Christmas tunes. Unforunately, there are 2 Xmas tunes I really like that aren't in here, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year", and "Silent Night." Other than that, though, this contains some pretty good Xm...Date:08/14/95
Size:158.71 KB

Christmas Doom
Well, Christmas is coming up so I thought what the hell, I'll make a Christmas music .WAD. :) I found a zip with a bunch of Christmas MIDs so I changed the instruments (mostly to distorted guitar and rock organs :) hehe) It can be quite funny fightin...Date:11/10/94
Size:54.52 KB
Author:Chris Hopkins

You are on your way home. Suddenly you hear a strange, yet familiar sound. It sounds like.... you immediately aim your gun at the right direction. Hey! what the heck is that? It's a fucking imp! How did they come here? You continue on i...Date:12/22/94
Size:1.38 MB
Author:ByteBrothers Software

This is a reupload of the classic Christmas wad XMAS99 for archival purposes. Included is the original text file belonging to the wad, as well as the version of ZDoom it was originally created for. Run in compatibility mode on modern systems....Date:03/09/21
Size:877.8 KB
Author:Jonas Feragen (Chrozoron), Yashar Garizbadeh (Gemini), Darkfang, Stian Skj0ndahl (Zsignal)

XMas-themed .wad compilation
Christmas are very soon, but you still aren't in a Christmas mood? Well, try playing Doom with this! This probably won't help, but will still be pretty fun. Basically, I've taken resources from various Christmas-themed .wads, and put them all in on...Date:12/31/13
Size:3.41 MB

Christmas Cheer from the Chillzone
Christmas Cheer from the Chillzone was an open project from the Crispy Chicken Chillzone Discord - mappers of all skills welcome to make some fun Christmas themed maps with Doomkid's Christmas resource pack - get ready for some holiday carnage with t...Date:02/06/22
Size:7.21 MB
Author:Clippy Clippington, Dunn & Dunn, DuckReconMajor, Dannarchy, Pistoolkip, evil_scientist, Chookum, Pez

see contents at bottom...Date:01/06/99
Size:1.97 MB
Author:Levels: Original levels 01,02, and sections of 03 by Justin Madigan All BOOM optimization and other

The Demons, being really PISSED mortals have beaten them decided to take their revenge by stopping XMAS. So, they invade Santa's Workshop at the northpole. It's you just to put a stop to those bastards and make sure all the good little boys and g...Date:12/22/94
Size:429.59 KB

A Heretic X-Mas
Uh-oh! The Serpent Riders' Army has taken over the North Pole! Better stop 'em! Otherwise we webmasters might not get our copies of Quake 2 this year!...Date:12/19/97
Size:473.17 KB
Author:Blaine, Archmage of The HexenC Arcanum

XmasDoom EXE source
This package contains ONLY source files which are different from TeamTNT's original BOOM source....Date:01/09/99
Size:209.76 KB

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