Title: Twisted Joke
Filename: themes/xmas/ph_dac.zip
Size: 408.43 KB
Date: 12/21/06
Author: James "Phobus" Cresswell
Description: I signed up for the DAC. It died. My map didn't :P Basically I've gone for a silly sort of christmas theme and went for a few new twists. If you can stand ugly mapping, the innovation of the ski slope should be fun :P You have to play through the staged traps and challenges, putting up with a demon who thinks he's Santa Claus (you won't meet him, but he's the one sending the messages that start "Ho ho ho!", in order to collect the keys and leave this snowy hell. No difficulty settings, as it's quite easy anyway (IMO).
Credits: Id Software (Doom), Randy Heit (ZDoom), Graf Zahl (contributions to Zdoom and making GZDoom), other Zdoom contributors, Csabo (XWE), CodeImp (DB), Nash (sky), Joe (SillySft) (Snow Textures), Mal (Imp and things designer), FireHawk (Sprite Graphics), Lithium (Sound designer), ChainsawJim (Sprite Graphics).
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Maybe a month, with lots of time off...
Editor(s) used: MSPaint, DB and XWE
Bugs: Occaisionally the ramp at the end of the ski slope goes wrong. God knows why. Also, every once in a blue moon, the cacodemon fight around the christmas tree doesn't work. This is probably down to the counter going wrong, but I don't know, to be honest.
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