Filename: themes/xmas/xmas.zip
Size: 1.38 MB
Date: 12/22/94
Author: ByteBrothers Software
Description: You are on your way home. Suddenly you hear a strange, yet familiar sound. It sounds like.... you immediately aim your gun at the right direction. Hey! what the heck is that? It's a fucking imp! How did they come here? You continue on into the city noticing that the city seems deserted. After walking around for a while you see a few strange-looking aliens. You overhear them talking about some snow-boss that seems to be the leader. You now know it is up to you to save the city from those bastards and to kill the evil snow-boss!
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Not impressed at all. I mean, I can understand it's from 1994, an infamous year in Doom modding, but still...2*, only for the otherwise great resources that kinda improve the overall picture.x
Quite good, except a few bugs, annoying boss battle, and readme says that there are 3 maps, but there are only two. :(x
Excellent Xmas wad for 94'!x

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