Title: A Heretic X-Mas
Filename: themes/xmas/xmashtic.zip
Size: 473.17 KB
Date: 12/19/97
Author: Blaine, Archmage of The HexenC Arcanum
Description: Uh-oh! The Serpent Riders' Army has taken over the North Pole! Better stop 'em! Otherwise we webmasters might not get our copies of Quake 2 this year!
Credits: Simply Silly Software for the original X-Mas Doom, id and Raven for the Doom series, Quake series and Serpent Rider Saga, and all the cool people that hang around Undernet's #3dgamers and, on occasion, are productive (I'm the worst believe me... "Bak I'll get you that HC code REEEL soon....")
Base: X-Mas Doom by Simply Silly Software
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor 1.3, WinTex 4.3, Paint Shop Pro for the gfx.
Bugs: There's a bit of texture misalignment, but none that wasn't in the original X-Mas Doom.
Rating: (8 votes)
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Fun, but a tad hard on E1M1.x
very cool! 5/5x

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