Title: DooM II - downgrade from v. 1.9 to v. 1.666
Filename: utils/exe_edit/dm2dwngr.zip
Size: 2.2 MB
Date: 01/26/05
Author: FunDuke
Description: This patch downgrades a Doom II -version 1.9, down to v. 1.666. That version can then be upgraded to v. 1.7a by using the official upgrade patch. The doom2- version, that has been used as a base for this downgrade, had the timestamp 29. August 1994 ( 8-29-94 ), so you have to use the upgrade for that 'sub-version'. What you win by using this patch is the ability to use demo-lmps and dehacked-patches, that have been made for pre-1.9-versions of doom2. To install just extract the content of the zip-file into your doom2-folder and run the batch-file '19to1666.bat'. Wait patiently until the process is done. Ignore the 'batch-file-not -found'-message. Run setup.exe and play the game. The upgrade from 1.666 to 1.7 can be found here: ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/pc/games/idgames/idstuff/doom2/doom2p.zip ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/pc/games/idgames/idstuff/doom2/doom2p.txt (You have to run PATCHA.BAT) If ftp.sunet.se disappears from the online world, replace the part: 'ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/pc/games/idgames/' in the above URL with any mirror of archives.3dgamers.com. You can find a list of current mirrors at the end of this file. By the way: This patch is for the DOS-version of DooM II, not DooM95. The installation of the DOS- version is started with INSTALL.BAT, somewhere on your DooM2-CD.
Credits: Lee Killough, for making the downgrade patch for Ultimate DooM (downgrd.zip) ebay, where i found somebody, who sold me the old floppy version.
Base: DooM II, v. 1.9 and 1.666
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: So far none. Please report any problem that you find to: funduke@hotmail.com
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This is a 32-bit Windows program, you'll need Windows or maybe WINE to run it -- it won't work in DOSBOX.x
Heh, cool, I can now do all those tricks Romero showed us :D *****x
Newer stuff always changes and is often forgotten. Old stuff, especially from the core games as released by the developers should always be available. For all that the new stuff may bring, disregarding or scoffing the old will only isloate DOOM from its reputation, making it just another "mod-base." Thumbs up to uploads like this one.x
5 stars. It can only be a good thing that this is available to those who will find it useful.x
... the ability to use demo-lmps and dehacked-patches, that have been made for pre-1.9-versions... ?!? Who cares to use those outdated entries?!? Bah, I guess that a few will be glad with it? Back to the future... 3 stars for the idea and the hard work on it -Jivex
Why would you want to downgrade? Half of the new ports don't even work with doom2 1.666x

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