Title: Doom-plus and Doom v1.91 hacks
Filename: utils/exe_edit/doomhack.zip
Size: 5.75 KB
Date: 09/23/06
Author: Miguel Folatelli (aka myk)
Description: The patch in PLUS incorporate's e6y's hacks to raise Doom's limits so that it can load large or complex levels, the one in LONGTICS loads the changes discovered by cph to enable v1.91 demos. Visit the Doom-plus and v1.91 sites for more info:

e6y (http://www.geocities.com/e6y/doom.html) v1.91 (http://www.doom2.net/doom2/doomp191/)

To install a hack place PATCH.COM and DOOM.EXE in the corresponding subdirectory and read text file contained therein.

Note that these patches are cumulative (you can apply them both to a single copy of Doom), and may in turn be combined with DeHackEd patches.
Credits: Andrey Budko (aka e6y) for raising Doom's limits, and Colin Phipps for engineering the v1.91 tweak, as well as the rest of the v1.91 team.
Base: Doom2.crk by e6y, and doomp191.c by vv.
Build time: Not much (a bit of hex editing)
Editor(s) used: frhed v1.1.0, XVI32 v2.51, Make Patch
Bugs: There should be none
Rating: (9 votes)
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Yes, Doom-plus is compatible with "the format" but not necessarily with the results. By making Doom-plus and PrBoom output v1.9 demos, you sometimes create demos that mess up in Doom, which will try to play anything that says it's v1.9. A better alternative would have been to allow PrBoom to record v1.9 demos only in a mode like Chocolate Doom that applies the limits, giving demos depending on "limit removing" a new version number.x
^ doom-plus fully compatible with vanilla demo format, because contains no code changing. cite from e6y: "Forget about Carmack's EXE. You should use Doom2-Plus always now"x
This is cool but I think Doom-plus should not use the same compatibility as v1.9, and neither should PrBoom in compatibility mode, because they create demos that do NOT run in v1.9, having VPOs or other issues.x
Longtics is very convenient for recording Deathmatch games, where otherwise players with above average aiming skills are likely to feel the impediment caused by the inferior mouse turning.x
I don't see any point in the longtics stuff (just an unnecessary complication and incompatibility), but the limit-extending hack of Doom2.exe (Doom2-plus) is amazing work. However, it's better to get the latest version from prboom-plus.sourcefo rge.net, where there are also similar patches for (Ultimate) Doom.exe and Heretic.exe.x

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