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Zero Virus
This DEH/wad brings back the old feeling of Doom, where instead of facing tons of monsters, you would have trouble fighting a few at a time....Date:11/02/04
Size:3.51 KB
Author:Rei "Zero" Yukamuri

10x multiplies the amount of doom enemies by, you guessed it, 10. Enemies explode into multiples of ten as soon as the map starts. Due to collision problems, you are able to walk through monsters. Most monsters projectiles pass through each other, ma...Date:06/15/08
Size:2.27 KB
This is a patch for DeHackEd 2.0 that modifies the monsters to act like Doom ][ monsters. It is almost identical to the DOOM_HOE patch that was released for Doom 1.6 beta, with a few changes for the better....Date:09/16/94
Size:18.17 KB

2 pistols
Vanilla mod, changing the player's basic weapon. You start with double pistols instead of one, so that you can fire significantly faster, only 50% slower than with the chaingun. It's supposed to improve gameplay balance, since the single pistol nor...Date:06/10/14
Size:15.13 KB

2x Weapon Damage MOD
This MOD will alter the amount of damage for ALL weapons in Doom 2, by 2x. Use this to make your weapons two times more powerfull....Date:02/09/06
Size:1.56 KB

This is a little patch I slapped together that changes the last 3 weapons....Date:02/20/11
Size:573.24 KB
Author:Jeremy L. Wagner

AI Enhancements: A Decorate Experiment Version 1.1
Alters the behavior of every monster in the game, along with various other rebalances. Rudimentary line-of-fire checks to reduce (not eliminate) infighting, marching fire, enemies firing in volleys, along with numerous overall difficulty-increasing t...Date:05/02/16
Size:9.8 KB

Doom 2 All Guns - The Ultimate Weapon of Total Oblivion
This patch will create The Ultimate Weapon of Total Oblivion. This weapon will fire all the weapons at the same time and will fire them will unbelievable speed. This patch will also give you infinite ammo for all the weapons....Date:02/05/95
Size:38.71 KB

Alergic to Gore!?!?!?
Size:1.79 KB
Author:Jon Nelson (

All ammo
A Doom2 1.9 Patch file...Date:07/27/96
Size:7.03 KB
Author:Kevin Whittaker
Well, everyone keeps u/ling dumb .deh files, so I decided to upload a cool one. This one will speed up the shotgun, chaingun, and handgun proportionately, i souble your ammo max, and double the # of shells/bullets you get from all shell & bullet ...Date:07/13/94
Size:29.92 KB

Archflame launcher
Your rocket launcher is a now an archflame launcher....Date:11/11/98
Size:1.66 KB

Arch-Vile Assault v1.0
Arch-Vile Assault is a replacement for the Rocket Launcher in Doom2. It lets you attack demons as though you were an Arch-Vile....Date:10/18/96
Size:551 B
Author:Intag Productions

The Arch-Mage
I hope you all have heard of D2xGold, but since you probably haven't, here goes: This site will lead you to the original versions. Doom2x is a series of TCs involving Comtar of the X-world, who has taken over the Icon ...Date:07/20/98
Size:2.69 KB

Alien Vendetta DeHackEd patch
This is the DEH patch I made for AV. It was included in the last AV distributuion, but as an EXE, so I decided to upload this for those poor souls addicted to "ports." And now since exists it will be easier for people to notice/...Date:07/30/02
Size:5.15 KB
Author:Miguel Folatelli
This my first patch I added more life and different codes. This is a dehacked patch. This patch is for Doom1 and i have not tried it on doom2 yet. I dont know about any bugs though. If you find any please e-mail me at The codes...Date:07/21/96
Size:2.06 KB
Author:Samuel Leathers

Total Conversion for Doom II in a Dehacked patch
The story goes... Years after you've defeated the horrid armies of hell, strange things are happening...Date:02/24/97
Size:31.43 KB
Simple little dehacked patch.. Makes most of the enemies faster and meaner.. They're not harder to kill, but they will go a little more out of their way to get you.. Your only comfort is that you've mastered your single barrel shotgun much bette...Date:02/05/95
Size:18.97 KB
This is my first attempt at a patch. My patch should give 100,000 max ammo per gun.It also will have rapid fire everything and change the plasma bullet to a baron fireball.With 30 missle damage.So far it works on my computer. ...Date:02/05/95
Size:18.34 KB

Killer Barrels!!!
Barrels, Barrels and more barrels.... Nearly every monster (except for bosses) have been turned into killer slop barrels. The barrels are filled with blood, toxic wast, crap, or gray slime. Barrels will follow chase you through the level just like no...Date:07/03/95
Size:7.11 KB
Author:Stephen Crowley

The Living Barrels
Every enemy is a living barrel. There are four types: slime-filled, blood-filled, tar-filled, and crap-filled. They all act the same though. When the barrel knows you're there, it will go after you. As soon as it's next to you, it will blow up on its...Date:06/27/98
Size:2.1 KB
This is a patch that combines all the weapon into one....Date:04/15/97
Size:1.9 KB
Author:David Tam

The Barrel Blaster is a BETA patch for id's DOOM (registered). It replaces the BFG with a new weapon -- one which lobs barrels a short distance (where they remain until destroyed). I have filled a room with up to 25 barrels--great ambush possibili...Date:07/24/94
Size:4.93 KB
Author:Justin Pinder

Blood "Enhancements" and New Weapons 1.3 (Not very original) Don't you have anything better to do?
A bunch of things that I downloaded from the Doom FTP Archives and put together in a WAD file that probably violates a few copyrights. Even worse, I had to go and "touch up" some of the graphics, so they may or may not look "better." At the very leas...Date:01/29/00
Size:822.64 KB
Author:Brendan Cunningham Don't tell anyone. This can be our little secret, mmmkay?
This is a simple Dehacked 1.3 patch which leaves blood marks on the ground where ever you've been shot at... see trails of blood where you just blasted your deathmatch opponent.......Date:07/28/94
Size:3.98 KB

This patch makes Doom even bloodier than it is!! Barrels of Bloody Fun!!...Date:03/03/96
Size:1.08 KB
Author:Chris Wegryzn (a.k.a. WegBert)

BloodFix WAD
I have tweaked blood colors of several monsters. Cacodemon - Blue Hell Knight/Baron of Hell - Green Pain Elemental - Dark red Specter - Transparent Lost Soul - None...Date:01/31/20
Size:1.46 KB
Like mushin' the Enemies (by barrel explosions, missiles etc. etc.) Well with this patch you can do it everytime they die. When you kill either a Trooper, Sargeant or Imp they'll mush (or explode in that cool bloody messy pulp)...Date:03/09/96
Size:43.35 KB
Author:Mark Dillon
This is a dehacked file that will turn pink demons into red plasma balls and spectres into green plasma balls that float and explode upon dieing or attack. ...Date:07/12/94
Size:5.54 KB
2 dehacked patches: ABODIES.DEH = Turns the player into a dead body except when the player shoots or when the player is injured. This adds a whole new set of possible strategies for Deathmatch play. A player could just stand in a corner, and th...Date:08/20/95
Size:2.2 KB
Author:Eric Wilkinson

Body Fade 1.0
I was making some levels with nonstop monsters...Date:07/21/04
Size:9.03 KB

Boom Cycle
Makes items "cycle" and respawn with a BOOM ! (camp to close and you be dead). If you HAVE to play single player,I suggest using DM and pressing [F1] so items will respawn....Date:02/15/98
Size:1.12 KB

This DeHacked patch turns bullet puff and revenant homing missile trails into rocket explosions with splash damage. It also makes hitscan weapons fire faster. However, actually using the rocket launcher causes a monster to telefrag you and the fist i...Date:12/14/03
Size:590 B

Player Change
This a .DEH (dehacked) patch file that will change the player graphics in deathmatch mode, this patch also changes the death seq of all characters so that they flame out of existance. This includes all the changes made by the SUPRWEP4.DEH....Date:05/21/95
Size:18.74 KB
Author:Tom Smith

Evil Boxes
This patch replaces rockets with little demon spawn boxes, you know, the ones that spawn demons in map 30? They have been made *extremely* powerful, but they have a distance limitation. If you try to make them go too far, they spawn a monster right o...Date:06/23/95
Size:7.3 KB
Author:Kyle R. Hofmann

Vanilla DEHACKED gameplay mod. Monsters will attack you only when provoked (after a pain state), or at melee range (monsters without a melee attack too) The idea was: Let's have a mod that doesn't focus on punishing the player with challenge, and t...Date:06/10/14
Size:2.52 KB

Everything is bright even in total pitch black dark areas! Includes, but not limited, Monsters, your gun that holding, decorations....Date:04/07/97
Size:3.27 KB
Author:David Tam

LifeBuilder v1.0
Alters two weapons. The Plasma Gun (now the Life Beam) fires a bullet with damage -1! Enemies can get REALLY strong. The BFG is now the Reviver. It actually brings enemies back to life (mostly the minor ones only, and you need a dead body to aim for....Date:06/22/98
Size:2.45 KB

Buring Barrels
This patch for DeHacked makes barrels burn instead of explodeing...Date:09/27/94
Size:18.79 KB
Author:Andy McDaniel

Caco's Revenge
Okay... This is basically a dehacked patch that makes all the monsers supercharged and more powerful than normal, except for the caco, which is now harmless, but invincible. Well, it first started because my little 6-year-old sister likes doom as wel...Date:09/20/03
Size:3.54 KB

Player Change
This a .DEH (dehacked) patch file that will change the player graphics in deathmatch mode,this patch also changes the death seq of all characters so that they flame out of existance. This includes all the changes made by the SUPRWEP4.DEH....Date:05/21/95
Size:18.75 KB
Author:Tom Smith

chex.exe dehacked patch
This is a dehacked patch designed to emulate the chex.exe executable included with Chex Quest. It is generated from a comparison of chex.exe with Final Doom's doom2.exe....Date:08/14/08
Size:9.03 KB
Author:Simon Howard

This patch will turn your everyday rocket into a sargeant chunk and your everyday rocket explosion into a trooper chunk. (If you don't know what a chunk is, try firing a rocket directly at a trooper and you will see what I mean). The chunk doesn...Date:08/09/94
Size:5.12 KB
Author:Matt Netchy

Cleimos DeHacked patch
Cleimos (cleim10.wad) comes with cleimset.exe, a tiny application for changing the text strings for Episode 2 of DOOM v1.2. This file does the same but for DOOM's ulimate release....Date:08/29/03
Size:2.21 KB
Author:Miguel Folatelli

Canofbacon's Realistic Gore
This is my super duper realistic gore mod for Doom!! It has more realism to the game! It also adds immersion to the game so you can really get sucked in to the great adventure point and click game that is Doom!...Date:06/26/14
Size:2.14 KB
Author:Canofbacon & Calmperson

Cool.deh makes troopers and sargents respawn as ghosts, it adds a neat little explosion at the end of a pistol or chaingun shot, it gives you 999% health and armor, 10,000 of all ammo (but it only uses BFG cells), it also has a player respawn frame (...Date:03/15/96
Size:2.04 KB
Author:Thomas Moore

My first attempt at a dehacked patch. This patch does several things. o Rocket's become the Revenant's missiles. Can't figure out the code pointers to make it home yet. o Plasma gun fires a stream of those missiles only weaker. o Imp is more powerf...Date:08/12/95
Size:1.78 KB
Author:Erwen Tang

Combat Redux v1.0.0
This mod is intended to make Doom more realistic and enjoyable. Damage to and from the player is increased and new gameplay mechanics have been added, e.g. proper viewkick based weapon recoil, weapon mobility modifiers, weapon aiming, a robust headsh...Date:11/01/15
Size:44.91 KB
Author:El Magnifico (Robert Dyer)

Cyberdemons, my friend
All shotguns turn into Cyberdemons. All of them, whether they are lying on the ground or dropped by a sergeant have become cyberdemons. One consolation is that all former cyberdemons have become shotguns. :)...Date:06/23/95
Size:7.15 KB
Author:Kyle R. Hofmann

The Cybermarine v1.0
So, you think a Cyberdemon has it easy, huh? Well, you couldn't be more wrong. Every marine attacking him has glowing yellow eyes and a BFG that, amazingly, never runs out of ammo! ...Anyway, this DeHackEd patch will turn you just about completely ...Date:06/17/98
Size:2.54 KB

Da Bomb Patch
You start out with 100 bullets, 500% health (max. health=999%!!). When monsters (or you) are shot a puddle of blood drops and all blood glows in the dark. Some new cheat codes and barrels full of blood!...Date:02/21/97
Size:49.51 KB
A very cool set of patches for DHE 3.0a By Greg Lewis. I made all of them myself so try them and see what they can do!! Dav1.deh - My first patch and still one of the best. A very interesting rocket launcher and Plasma gun. Plasrckt.deh -...Date:09/29/97
Size:1.53 KB
Author:David Brunone

THiS iS a PaCK oF aWSoMe DHe PaTCHeS By THe TRaVeLLeR, aND iT HaS a TeXT FiLe eXPLaiNiNG WHaT THey Do...TRy 'eM...THey aRe GooD...LooK FoR ouR oTHeR ReLeaSeS!...Date:06/21/95
Size:11.84 KB
Author:THe TRaVeLLeR

MaRiNe HeLL v1.0
THiS ouR FiRST ReLeaSe So BeaR WiTH uS...THiS DeH PaTCH FoR DeHaCKeD v2.3...iT MaKeS THe SHoT GuN Guy, iMP, CHaiN Gun Guy, CyBeR DeMoN, aND HeLL KNiGHT iNTo DiFFeReNT CoLoR, PiSSeD MaRiNeS...WHiCH iS PReTTy BaD...aND TaKe M...Date:06/21/95
Size:7 KB
Author:NiGHT CRaWLeR

You have had a friend that you have always wanted dead, and now is your chance! If you think that deathmatches end too quickly, or that even you could survive having more lead in your chest than the Doom marine, then this is the one for you!...Date:01/14/97
Size:3.1 KB
Author:Robert Birks
By using the patch called ARMY1, you can fight an army of other players. Ever wanted to deathmatch against more than 3? Say, 100? This is a simulation of what it might be like - everywhere you go, there's green, indigo, brown, and red space marine...Date:07/18/94
Size:5.43 KB
Author:Matt Fell
If you use the patch BARREL1, you may be surprised by some rather unusual dancing leprechauns and flamingos (no, barrels, of course!)....Date:07/18/94
Size:5.13 KB
Author:Matt Fell

This is version 2.0 of dhdiff; it can now read patch files generated by Dehacked 2.0. dhdiff is a simple little utility I wrote to compare two .deh files. It can be useful for figuring out what a .deh file is supposed to do. Also, if you find...Date:09/25/94
Size:15.51 KB
Author:Paul Falstad

Fun with DeHackEd! v1.2
Size:11.11 KB
Author:Robert Mikel

Dissolving Bodies
Has your Mother ever told you Guys to clean up your mess after you. Well with this patch you can do just that ;-) Got the idea from Eric Herrera and it looks pretty cool especially with Edmundo's great MD2 models. If you like it use it... if its not ...Date:08/18/04
Size:2.09 KB

DOOM2 DLite patch
Slow, stupid, sickly enemies Higher limits for ammo, health and armor Faster weapons Forget strategy - Makes UV a run 'n' gun blood-bath - a D'lite! Sure it's cheating, but don't those monsters deserve a lesson in humility? We have the id...Date:08/25/95
Size:2.09 KB
Author:Kent E. Cook

Doom 2 Fast Weapons and Ultra Fast Super Shotgun
This patch will make all the weapons as fast as they could possibilly be. This patch will also give you infinite ammo for all the weapons. Check out the Super Shotgun and you will be amazed, I promise !...Date:02/05/95
Size:20.69 KB

This patch modifies the graphics, sound and behavior of the weapons: Chainsaw -> unchanged (Someone like to try and make a flamethrower?) Pistol - Sub UZI (use your imagination) Shotgun - Automatic Assult Shotgun (yeah!) Chaingun - 2x S...Date:07/30/94
Size:4.67 KB
Author:Mark Sheldon

One of the best Deathmatch patches I've seen for Dehacked. Try it and see... it's great!...Date:01/17/96
Size:18.78 KB
It makes the Players Always 100% Bright so that you can see them perfectly even in pitch blackness!! AAANNND the other players don't have to have it for it to work!! That means you can cheat them and they won't ever know!!! Happy DEATHMATCHING...Date:01/04/96
Size:18.65 KB

Doomed is basically a patch I wrote to just make doom a lot harder. I'm not one of those guys that thinks I need a real challenge and decided to make one of those impossible patches. As a matter of fact I'm probably f...Date:03/30/97
Size:4.56 KB

info. There are three description sections. If you want to know the facts now, read the rest of the document! If you want a brief summery, read "short". If you want the story of your last few minutes before the game starts, read "medium". If you want...Date:01/14/97
Size:15.37 KB
Author:Robert Birks
The following information explains how the weapons of DooM ][ work. It doesn't really talk about their firing much but instead covers the fine nuances of DooM weapons. It explains just how DooM uses the Select and De- select code pointers to powe...Date:07/23/97
Size:4.88 KB

Weird DooM MSGs
Have you ever wanted Doom to act weird for once? Well then this mod is for you! Now you will be surprised when ever you something as simple as picking something up, or typing iddqd! Now, what the heck are you waiting for? Hell is coming! Download now...Date:06/20/21
Size:3.17 KB

Here you go ! You don't need DOOM II if you already have DOOM V. [;)] This patch is for DOOM 1.2 and DEHACKED 2.0. I tried to keep the changes in this way that the game is possible to play without any IDxxx help. (... well, maybe a IDKFA at t...Date:09/30/94
Size:4.41 KB

DeHackEd patch for "Eternal Doom III"
This DeHackEd patch is for "Eternal Doom III" using "DOOM II" version 1.9 or "Final DOOM" version 1.9....Date:01/31/98
Size:5.32 KB
Author:Rich ¯Weeds¯ Nagel

Enemy Weapons DeHackEd Patch
This is my first good atempt at making a dhe patch. This will give you what it says....Date:03/17/97
Size:1.03 KB

Enhanced Skill Levels
This adjusts skill levels accordingly as well as adding intermediate skills between Ultra Violence and beyond Nightmare for those who feel the skills don't provide enough challenge. The inspiration for some of the skill names came from Complex Doom...Date:07/28/15
Size:2.18 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Evilness Unleashed
This is a collection of things I made and found on the internet. You have a grenade launcher, and monsters are, uh, surprising. Don't antagonize the Cacodemons, they have enough trouble with turning into lamps, and they will retalliate. Also, you've ...Date:11/10/96
Size:3.25 KB
Author:Chris Reynolds
bullet puffs explode, after they go through all the bullet puff frames, so fire at a wall and a few seconds later.... boom! blood splats explode after all the blood splat frames, get shot and you still have a few seconds to exscape the explosion...Date:03/31/97
Size:1.18 KB

The First External Camera for Doom II
This is an external camera patch for Doom 2. I included one patch that gives you the classic green marine, and another that gives you the blue marine with some Quake weapons. There are also patches for an imp, a demon, and an enforcer(not the one fro...Date:11/11/97
Size:158.38 KB
Author:Jonathan Washburn

Extreme Monsters Modification
This MOD upgrades the normal DooM 2 monsters into much more agressive and strong versions of their original selves. Hit points, movement and projectile speeds have all been altered in this MOD. This MOD will most likeley be very good in terms of incr...Date:07/07/06
Size:1.97 KB

Fireball Launcher
This patch creates a cool fireball launcher. It shoots fireballs that have a quadruple explosion effect. IF a player (you) gets hit with ALL four they die unless you've upped max hp and armor. I have mine raised to 500% hp and 500% armor and the thin...Date:10/18/95
Size:1.31 KB
Author:Mike Lowery

This is, basically, just a DeHackEd file. I substituted a more appropriate BFG sound in my doom2.wad, but I didn't put in an editor since I wanted to make this .zip as small as possible (I hate long downloads)....Date:12/09/95
Size:11.43 KB
Author:W McGrath

Firework.deh is a DEHACKED ver. 1.2 patch file. I upped the ammo values for bullets and shells, and changed PUFF to BFG blasts you can detonate, and changed BLUD to Rockets blasts you can detonate. Grab your shotgun or chaingun and watch the fi...Date:06/28/94
Size:1.69 KB
Author:Chris Gillespie
It replaces the plasma gun with a flame thrower (very fun weapon), doubles the rocket speed (reducing the strength), replaces the BFG with a decoy maker, and finally (whew) forces all player colors to red....Date:02/05/95
Size:18.23 KB

Flamethr.deh is patch file for Dehacked 1.3 and was made to work with version 1.2 of the REGISTERED doom.exe file. This patch replaces the plasma rifle with the flamethrower everyone has been wanting. Also included is a batch file that makes insta...Date:07/07/94
Size:5.49 KB
Author:Night Child

This is the newest and best FLAMING patch by Dalias (as of 4/14/95). It includes all new weapons, perfect for hours of DeathMatch, with a perfect set of original graphics and sounds by the author! (patch rebuilt with DeuTex 3.5, to clear a bug...Date:05/23/95
Size:88.98 KB

Flame ALL !!!
This a .DEH (dehacked) patch file that will change the death seq of all characters so that they flame out of existance. This includes all the changes made by the SUPRWEP4.DEH....Date:05/21/95
Size:18.7 KB
Author:Tom Smith

Flamer V 1.1
This patch converts the Plasma gun into a flame thrower and includes new graphics and sounds for doom....Date:07/31/94
Size:43.18 KB
The weapons in DOOM II are okay. You kinda get tired of them after a while. I sure did. So I download this file called "DEHACKED" ( from Man. That changed everything about DOOM forever. I also downloaded som...Date:03/19/95
Size:38.54 KB
You see... Some people have wanted to make a flamethrower EVER SINCE DeHackEd was made! Well, People weren't doing so good! I mean some of the patches just plain sucked! I mean think about this... A plasma rifle shoots a plasma bullet and it DROPS...Date:05/17/96
Size:156.71 KB
Author:Phillip Mitchum
You know about how all the people wanted to make the ROCKET LAUNCHER a FLAMETHROWER... Well, I didn't like what I was seeing! One man Did it so it would drop right in front of you and the go up in flames... ( WHOOPE! ) Since I was NOT satisfi...Date:04/29/96
Size:142.62 KB

Doom 2 Flamer and Rocket
This patch will change the plasma bullets into flames. This patch will also change the regular rocket into a Reverant's rocket with the smoke tail....Date:02/05/95
Size:19.99 KB

Every One is Floating, but Me!
I changed some weapons around; A lot of guys float which can be very annoying; I altered the Demon....Date:06/08/97
Size:2.34 KB

Yeah! It really works! Use your dear friends as a football and shoot them with a dbl shotgun in the goal! The patch makes you much 'lighter' so that it's possible to push the guys into the goal! Complete with scoring panels and sounds like on ...Date:11/15/97
Size:116.58 KB
Author:DENIS Fabrice / DeF-46

French Doom translation
This is a recreation of the official French translation of Doom II, in the form of a PWAD file and dehacked patch. I have created these by comparison of the English and French versions of doom2.exe and doom2.wad (the French version is named doom2f.wa...Date:03/21/10
Size:75.96 KB
Author:Simon Howard

Doom 2 French Version (doom2f.wad) binary patch
This is a binary "sideways-grade" patch to convert the normal (English) version of Doom II v1.8 to the official French translated version. The French version of Doom was created by a professional translations company called "Art of Words" and distr...Date:04/21/10
Size:278.17 KB
Author:Simon Howard

Fast Weapons and Ultra Fast Super Shotgun This is a patch for Dehacked v2.0 or later and for Doom v1.666 or later ! This patch will make all the weapons as fast as they could possibilly be and make the chaingun into a Ultra Fast Super Sho...Date:12/09/94
Size:20.57 KB
This patch wasn't intended for multy player mode but I'm shure you'll it would be intensely deadly. This patch was designed for amusement and I hope you will like it. I have turned most of the enimies in to space marines, switched some ca...Date:01/13/96
Size:4.23 KB
Author:Mike Haller

Grab That Throat!
If you can't find anyone to DM with, then this is for you. Now you don't need a modem or network to play DeathMatch!...Date:08/30/96
Size:241.51 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

Gun o'Death
Do you like the BFG but find it to be slow, inefficient and clumsy? Do you like rocket launcher but find its damage and area of effect too limiting? If the answer is yes, you have found the patch for you. It will turn your ordinary shotg...Date:08/04/94
Size:4.11 KB
Author:Matt Netchy
This patch will turn most the monsters from Heretic into friendly Green/Yellow/Red/Blue caped Players....Date:04/07/97
Size:2.08 KB
Author:David Tam

Hard Doom Guns
Vanilla DEHACKED gameplay mod. Balance of Doom's weapons and monsters has been tweaked to better suit slaughter gameplay, and generally to be better balanced. Pistol can now find its usefullness even if you have chaingun, the same with shotgun x SS...Date:06/10/14
Size:17.05 KB

Harmony Mod Base
Base file for use in creating mods for Harmony 1.1 or later. When Harmony 1.0 was release I had trouble running it on Linux. My solution was to translate the DeHackEd patches into modern lumps, which allowed me to play the game. I submitted the lum...Date:12/12/09
Size:10.73 KB

Hexen Bomb
Rocket launcher throws bombs...Date:07/19/98
Size:5.65 KB
Author:Admiral Torken

Deathkings Music
Enables music for the maps of the Hexen expansion pack, HEXDD.wad....Date:03/09/07
Size:4.25 KB

Tired of the same old boring deathmatches? Do you want something new? THEN HERE YOU GO! This (hifrag5.deh) is a hack for the DOOM.EXE via the most excellent program, DeHackEd v1.3. It is supposed to mak...Date:08/18/94
Size:5.33 KB
Author:Geoff Coovert

HOESPAWN.DEH is a little treat I whipped up to test the function of several objects in Doom 1.666 that I hadn't seen before (in Doom 1.2), specifically the Demon Spawn objects. Warp to either E3M1 or E3M9 for the best effect; I won't guarantee a...Date:09/26/94
Size:18.61 KB
Author:Greg Lewis (Tree)

Monsters and players bleed like other similar patches (e.g. MKBLOOD). However, the bleeding in this patch has a twist -- the pools of blood burst into flames about two seconds later, frying anyone nearby to a crisp....Date:11/05/96
Size:1.44 KB
Author:Patrick Martin

Ultimate Super Turbo Champion Edition Hyper Fighting DOOM
Everyone has a super fast guns patch out. Yea? So why cant i?! Ha. I know its such a slaughter, i mean, i made them shoot as fast as i could get them to, so i tried to even it out. I dont quite think its evened out completely. :) The mons...Date:03/31/97
Size:1.72 KB

Hyper DOOM 2
Hyper DOOM 2 is, obviously, a patch that makes the weapons and enemies faster, MUCH MUCH faster! ;) It took me about 5 hours to make this patch using Dehacked v3.0 At first, all I did was speed up the weapons and give unlimited ammo... Then, ...Date:03/10/96
Size:2.47 KB
Author:Matt Straka

ID4 Destroyer Weapon Gun
This is a Dehacked patch for Doom which turns the BFG into a powerful new weapon. The BFG now fires a Mancubus fireball that blasts into multiple, unending columns of deadly explosions on impact. The columns kinda look like the "Main Weapon" on the...Date:12/13/96
Size:1019 B
This patch turns the player completely into an Imp. The player looks and sounds like an Imp. All it needs are some replacement fist graphics....Date:08/20/95
Size:2.12 KB
Author:Alden Bates
Yes! Now you too can gain the powers of an IMP!!! This is a DeHackEd/graphic patch to covert the rocket launcher into the HANDS 'O' IMP (Note that this does not actually turn your player into an Imp- it just allows you to pitch high-powered fire...Date:05/17/95
Size:126.1 KB
Author:Kirk Felton

Infinite Ammo Patch for Doom2
This is the most SWEET patch out there, it has infinite ammunition, all enemies float including cyberdemon and spider mastermind, the boss shooter shoots out cyberdemons that walk on air, the players sound like arch viles, the rocket launcher sounds ...Date:01/12/96
Size:7.4 KB
Author:Mike Fisher

The Invaders
This zip file contains the two dehacked patches which are needed to correctly play The Invaders with Doom 2 1.9 (dehacked v2.3 needed but included into Also, included in this zip, both versions of installation files INSTAL16.BAT and IN...Date:07/07/95
Size:4.92 KB
Author:Dominique Lavergne

Nightmare Imp Patch(newimp.pat)
This is my first patch, and I think it's pretty...Date:07/29/97
Size:11.71 KB
QUICK SUMMARY: Here are the files and what they do: PLYRIMP.DEH Puts the Imp graphics in place of player, for Deathmatch. Try it! SIGFIRE.DEH "Signal" fireballs go up each time you hit a wall... ...Date:08/01/94
Size:15.67 KB
Author:Jeremy Blackman
*this is a kewl patch.* it makes most of the badies hop and moan once theyve been killed. its a lot more bloody too. ultra gore. if you have a slow computer, you may want to avoid rooms with lots of twitching bodies. if you cause a bloodbath with ...Date:03/31/97
Size:1.46 KB

JMAA's Pistol Start
This is pretty much a dumb mod, but all it does is just limit the weapon range to just the pistol and pistol ammo and tone down the monsters' health to be easily killable with the pistol without having to bore yourself. It also includes a new skill l...Date:08/30/17
Size:2.8 KB
Beta release of an AKIRA flying platform NOT FOR THE UNEXPERIMENTED the batch will alter DOOM.EXE and DOOM.WAD....Date:08/15/94
Size:50.86 KB

Jookey Stuff for Doom2
This patch is realy cool and has cool stuff below:...Date:01/12/98
Size:147.01 KB
Author:Giang Phan

Jookey 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some cool thing that are in Jookey ][. BFG9000 Still the same but more power. Remember to shoot it all directions. Rocket Launcher (The Mega Launcher as I call it) The Rocket is extremly slow. But Extrenmly Dangerous. If you us...Date:01/23/98
Size:1.91 KB
Author:Giang Phan

Turns Sergeants into Juggernauts...Date:11/27/94
Size:19.62 KB
Author:Clayton Fiske and Chad Reindahl

Patch of Powers
Full description is in the Powers!.txt file in the zip, but I can summarize it: this patch gives your players special powers no one thought would ever be in Doom. Using it you can revive enemies, create drones to fight for you, and jump. You heard me...Date:05/10/97
Size:7.33 KB

Land-mines for DEATHMATCH
Land-mines for DEATHMATCH, well for any DOOM game, but best in DEATHMATCH I basically used Greg Lewis' excellent DOOM.EXE hacker ( DEHACKED 1.3 ) to make the rockets motionless and partially ...Date:07/07/94
Size:5.49 KB

Land-mines for DEATHMATCH
this replaces that didn't work very well. It seems that increasing the number of rockets you pick up each time would hang some deathmatches (wierd - I think it has to do with to many objects) Anyway, this one works and is still a "blas...Date:07/11/94
Size:28.23 KB
The file contains a number of 'deh' files for use with DEHACKED v1.3 (and DOOM v1.2, of course) which create some interesting and informatie changes to doom.exe....Date:07/17/94
Size:24.54 KB
Author:Karl (marx)
This file is a patch module to work with dehacked 1.2. This shows that it is possible to make a new monster from a normal in-animate object....Date:06/27/94
Size:1.51 KB
Author:Jason Gorski

Lots Of Stuff
A strange patch that does many things 1.It turns the rocket launcher into a laser cannon 2.Makes the pistol and shotgun guys look like different colors of you 3.Replaces cyberdemon with Megademon(you thought you hated it before just wait) 4.Replaces ...Date:07/01/97
Size:2.3 KB
Author:John Van Assche
This is a really simple change for the plasma gun: the damage it does is now negative. Side effects: Monsters can get REALLY strong as can your opponents in Deathmatch; when a player gets hit by a plasma shot it causes you vision to "trip o...Date:02/05/95
Size:18.2 KB
These patches make imps throw rockets (like the ones you can shoot) and wil turn all barrels in the game into invisible land mines!! (very dangerous, but great fun in Deathmatch mode!...Date:12/12/95
Size:1.41 KB

Killing Machine
Demons invade. Shoot the demons. *Commercial Break!* Now, with this new and improved super shotgun, you won't ever have to worry about demons who won't die! With infinite ammo and an automatic firing system which refuses to even let you change weapon...Date:06/23/95
Size:7.41 KB
Author:Kyle R. Hofmann

Ultra Super Macho Death Patch
Everything else is three times as fast, three times as tough, and three times as responsive. AOLers need not apply....Date:06/23/95
Size:7.27 KB
Author:Kyle R. Hofmann

Imps and Now Barrels, Troopers are now Re-Animated Slop Monsters, Sargeants now wear Armor! Barrels or scarier, much scarier, they move and explode on contact, even float if shot off of something higher....Date:04/06/96
Size:45.13 KB
Author:Mark Dillon

As you walk through the familiar halls once again you are caught off gaurd. Somehow, all of the old demons and such have become something even worse, marines! Just like the ones you work(ed) with. They even use your weapo...Date:03/31/97
Size:6.71 KB

Master DEH Compilation
THE BEST PATCH! Inlcudes a good flamethrower, a really...Date:11/11/97
Size:2.81 KB
Author:Jonathan "Topgun" Washburn
dehacked patch to make some enemies players...Date:08/04/96
Size:295 B
Author:Mike DiGiovanni

Mega Weapons!!!
Beat the crap of demons with your new improved fist. Chainsaw saws bad guys up quicker. Pistol is like an uzi. Shotgun kills Cyber Demon in about 2 seconds. (no kidding) Super Shotgun - 'nuff said Chaingun is like the one Arnold uses in T2. Fully aut...Date:06/26/95
Size:7.25 KB
Author:Stephen Crowley
This is a dehacked file that will turn pink demons and spectres into BFG blasts that explode on contact! To get the full effect get to change some sounds and to use the .SWP file that is included here. ...Date:07/11/94
Size:32.26 KB

Mortal Kombat Blood Patch
Puts the blood from Mortal Kombat in DOOM....Date:06/04/96
Size:1.59 KB

Mealstrom Gun
Mealstrom is a great big whirlpool, German, I think. Anyway, what the patch does is give you infinite ammo so you don't run out, alot of life for those of you who don't use codes (which is dumb with this patch) speed up the shotgun so it's fun and, B...Date:11/10/96
Size:2.12 KB
Author:Chris Reynolds

MoD's fun weird dehacked patch thingy
A little dehacked patch I made a few weeks ago, just thought it was kind of cool(and so do the people I showed it to). Some of the baddies are different(but the imp is kinda fucked up). It also has a version of THE GUN in it, hope you know how the bf...Date:08/21/04
Size:2.78 KB
Here's a couple more weapons for y'all....Date:08/23/94
Size:8.59 KB
Author:Mike Chun, Cory Dodt
Here is another patch file for DeHackEd 1.2. It's basically just to show some of the cool things that can be done by switching the frame numbers around... have fun! (Watch out for the troopers, they're not too friendly anymore...)...Date:06/25/94
Size:1.57 KB

MORPH.DEH features monsters who can't quite decide which form they should be in. Some just look like other things; some temporarily turn into them. Some of the changes include the imp/revenent, and the sargent/chaingunner. Also, I graphically made...Date:08/14/95
Size:2.05 KB
This is a DeHacked v2.0 patch for DOOM 1.666 that basically creates an army of Marines that really don't like you. These Marines it seems have also inherited some of the charateristics from the new monsters from DOOM ][. It was actually kind of...Date:09/11/94
Size:19.03 KB

Napalm Weapons
This patch is what I came up with when I saw that all of the other flamethrower patches sucked and didn't have kickback or anything that made them realistic. I have tried to make this realistic by adding flame kickback and limited range to the flame-...Date:03/31/97
Size:1.91 KB
Author:David Mason

DEMON HEADQUATERS SARGEANT: Imp your our shipments have arrived. IMP: Exellent now those damn marines will eat my rockets!!!! (there is an evil grin on his face) POSSE: Ahh, finally speed shoes! Those mari...Date:02/05/95
Size:19.12 KB
Author:Ben Vaisvil
This zip file contains 2 Dehacked 3.0 patches, one which modifies the monsters in Doom2 (newmon.deh), and one which modifies the weapons in Doom2 (newgun.deh). Obviously, you should use both of these simultaneously; running newmon.deh by itself w...Date:05/13/99
Size:5.16 KB
Author:Karl <marX>

Auto-ShotGun V 1.2
This patch converts the shotgun into an automatic shotgun and includes new graphics for doom....Date:08/14/94
Size:74.66 KB

My first attempt at a dehacked patch. Here is what it does: New cheat codes! (Look at the file in DeHacked v3.0) (to find them out or E-Mail me) 200% starting health and 200 starting bullets! BFG gives you 25 cells when you use it! 5000% max health...Date:01/05/96
Size:2.05 KB
Author:Chris Howard

New chunkgun
This replaces the plasma bullet with nasty, nasty chunks. You shoot the plasma rifle and bloody chunks of bodies shoot out. The shooting distance is limited, because dead bodies are awful heavy to launch...........Date:08/23/96
Size:48.47 KB

New DOOM v1.0
Size:1.61 KB
Author:Eugen Woiwod

New DOOM ][ v1.0
Size:1.74 KB
Author:Eugen Woiwod

This patch file will give you some new weapons: -The Dark Wand: An improved version of the elvenwand, with increased firepower. - Fire Crossbow: This weapon, in it's normal state, beams a blue lightning ...Date:01/27/96
Size:1.55 KB
Author:Leonardo Sewald Cunha "Vampire Hunter D"

New Technology Doom v1.0
The war between Earth and Hell rages on. In the years since the conflict began, Earth scientists have been busy. Newer and deadlier weapons have been developed to thrash the demonic hoards that still threaten humankind. These new technologies are now...Date:12/14/94
Size:20.02 KB
Author:James V. Kracht

Ever get tired of the messages and endings in Doom? I did so I changed them all the other night when I had nothin else ta do. This is a DeHacked patch that changes almost everything that you read while playing, and while loading netgames, etc. ...Date:10/01/94
Size:19.2 KB
Author:Chris Corbett
This is my dehacked 3.0 patch that give you and your monsters new arms. You must have DOOM II (It doesn't matter which version is) and Dehacked 3.0...Date:04/06/97
Size:1.87 KB
Author:David Tam

This patch changes the cell gun into a blazer gun (get to close and it feels like demons chewing your @ss off), BFG into hand thrown rockets, and some monsters into "Automated defensive weapons". Most items "cycle" and respawn with a BOOM ! (camp to ...Date:02/10/98
Size:2.51 KB

NoBlock v1.1
Players can walk through other players, monsters, and decorations. Useful for multiplayer modes like cooperative and team oriented game modes....Date:11/09/04
Size:1.4 KB
Author:Josh Simpson (EarthQuake/Seismos)
This DEH file disables all cheats except level warp and no clipping....Date:12/15/97
Size:825 B

NODEATH.DEH is a patch that makes all enemies dissappear when killed, including the monsters on the last levels(though this can be changed easily enough) The net effect is that since the monsters don't technically "die", you can run a game on NIG...Date:08/19/94
Size:5.04 KB
Author:Joseph Oberlander

They Can't Die!
Monsters will not die. That's that. When you kill them, they just keep on going. They leave ammo and weapons like they normally do, but then they keep on going like they never died, because they haven't. Very scary....Date:06/23/95
Size:7.12 KB
Author:Kyle R. Hofmann

No Healing Allowed!
This patch makes it impossible to pick up any sort of healing or armor items. No stimpacks, medikits, potions, helmets, green armor, blue armor, soul spheres, megaspheres, invincibility, berzerk, or invisibility. It's not exactly fair, but who wants ...Date:06/23/95
Size:7.19 KB
Author:Kyle R. Hofmann

New Weapons for DOOM2 V.3b
Rockets: This patch will change your normal rockets to the Revenant's Rockets( If your like me you don't like the cheats but love the rocket launcher and it kills you a lot. If so this patch is for you.) The revenant's rockets won't kill you if ...Date:03/25/96
Size:7.14 KB
Author:Rick Clemmer

Omniverse's Weapon Rebalance
A WAD for rebalancing the weapons in Doom. Primarily intended for DM, but could be used for single player or co-op as well. The purpose of this rebalance is to shift the focus of the weapon balance away from single player and towards DM, and to red...Date:09/13/06
Size:2.21 KB
Author:Shawn Huckabay

Phat Doom 2!!!!
I changed some things in Doom2 to make the game "better." Some changes made were moving barrels, ghost troopers from dead ones, bleeding barrels, rapid fire weapons, new bullet looks, and many many more. You'll just have to play to see all of the cha...Date:06/08/97
Size:3.62 KB
It makes the head shooter at the end of the game shoot never before seen BLUE plasma balls (not like the ones from the plasma rifle) and makes the rocket laucher capable of killing someone using GOD MODE!!! and the rocket launcher makes t...Date:12/22/95
Size:7.23 KB
Author:Mike Fisher

Plasma Warfare
I have modified all the weapons to use plasma and shoot fast but I couldn't change the damage of the shotgun chaingun etc. If any one would modify this one and send it to me I would be greatful....Date:02/17/97
Size:806 B
Author:Allen McIntosh

Simple Pistol Starter
This is a mod that automates the process of pistol starting in Doom and several other IWADs. It makes no other changes to gameplay in the IWADs or other mods that the included "pistol starters" are compatible with. Usage is simple: Load only one ...Date:10/19/16
Size:19.75 KB

Punch-Out!! Modification WAD
This is a simple Modification WAD for advanced Doom engines. It turns the Pistol into Fists, and removes all the other weapons in the game. Combine this with WADs made for boxing, such as "NEWBOXE.WAD," and you've got yourself a winning combination....Date:11/04/04
Size:45.98 KB
Author:Joseph "Dr. Lithius" Collins

Generic PWAD DeHackEd patches
These DeHackEd patches clear all the map names and episode texts, which apply only for the genuine game, and not add-on maps. PWAD.DEH is for The Ultimate DOOM, and PWAD2.DEH is for DOOM II: Hell on Earth v1.9....Date:05/06/04
Size:4.81 KB
Author:Chain Mail

Quake weapons for Doom or Doom2
Created from screenshots of weapons of the game Quake. requires the dehacked file included to play. This is not the best, but you get a Quake feeling while playing Doom/Doom2!...Date:12/30/97
Size:108.23 KB

QUAD (version 2)
Four DeHackEd patches which modify the Shotgun guy, and test levels for both Doom and Doom2. The four patches are: QUAD.DEH - the Shotgun Guy now shoots a Quad Shotgun with twice the power of the Super Shotgun. QUADRUSH.DEH - as above, but now ...Date:11/02/99
Size:8.34 KB

QUAD Shotgun
Here is a DEHACKED 3.0a replacement for the double-shotgun in DOOM 2. It makes the shotgun fire 4 shells at a time. [PROS] * Blow away 20 soldiers standing behind each other * Kill an imp at 100 meters (1 shot) * Kill a cyberdemon wit...Date:08/23/96
Size:1.02 KB
Author:Jako Malan

Quake Weapons in Doom ][
All right, I'll make it easy on you...Quake has weapons. These weapons are now emulated in Doom ][. Have fun. You may remember this patch's predecessor,; that patch is old, admittedly terrible, BUGGY (I can't BELIEVE I didn't catch the o...Date:02/09/98
Size:5.56 KB

Jason's Dehacked patch (v1.00b)
Changes: ..... ALOT! And I'm not going to tell you unless you try it....Date:06/25/94
Size:1.67 KB

Jason's Dehacked patch (v1.01b)
Changes: ..... ALOT! And I'm not going to tell you unless you try it....Date:06/26/94
Size:4.44 KB
Author:Jason Gorski

Jason's Dehacked patch (v2.1b)
Changes: I added two new monster. One is a kamikaze (sp) trooper... And I sped up the weapons... ..... and ALOT more! And I'm not going to tell you unless you try it....Date:07/01/94
Size:4.95 KB
Author:Jason Gorski

Jason's Dehacked patch (v2.0b)
Changes: ..... ALOT! And I'm not going to tell you unless you try it....Date:06/27/94
Size:4.89 KB
Author:Jason Gorski
Twice the speed. Twice the pain. Make sure you also download (the original). For ZDoom 1.17b and later....Date:04/07/99
Size:1.67 KB
A better version (I hope) of the RailGun for ZDoom 1.17b Replaces the ChainSaw and uses bullet ammo....Date:04/06/99
Size:1.82 KB

Rocket Doom
A gameplay modification which makes all weapons and monsters fire rockets of some variety. Only the archvile is unchanged, but all the weapons and the rest of the monster lineup are modified to fire and attack with rockets with a variety of propertie...Date:10/18/20
Size:9.55 KB
Author:Aquila Chrysaetos
This is a Dehack Patch I made to change the rockets They explode when you shoot at them. Plus their speed is cut down to about 1/3. any of the Fireballs or other energy blasts can be set up so you can destory them before they get you....Date:06/27/94
Size:1.57 KB

Included are a variety of Dehacked patches and TINYSHOT.ZIP. The patches included are: the ARSENAL series, which beefs up all the weapons (Arsenals 2-4 change the plasma gun to a different weapon.); BLUD, which causes enemies and players to bleed poo...Date:11/05/96
Size:53.99 KB
Author:Patrick Martin

A patch file for DOOM utilizing Dehacked and Dmaud to make deathmatch and regular play much more exciting and real. This Dehacked patch is an attempt to make the game tough enough to be interesting, yet playable and surviveable(every level pla...Date:08/19/94
Size:18.17 KB
Author:Joseph Oberlander

Realistic proportions
In the Doom Bible, Tom Hall implies that Wolfenstein (and, presumably, Doom) have a scale of 16 units to 1 real-world foot. Doomguy is thus three and a half feet tall. This small mod corrects that error, enlarging Doomguy to a more appropriate 96 u...Date:10/11/16
Size:2.07 KB
Author:Eevee (Lexy Munroe)

Boy, you must be a *WIMP*!
Enemies move as slow as possible, all have the minimum possible health, and respond so slowly that they would die of old age (Which is *REALLY* long in hell) before they did anything....Date:06/22/95
Size:7.26 KB
Author:Kyle R. Hofmann

Simple weapon rebalance for efficient combat - vanilla DEHACKED mod
DEHACKED mod, compatible with any source port and even the original game. For a long time, I've been experimenting with improving balance of Doom's weapons (and enemies), to make all of them useful while retaining their "feel", which we players are...Date:09/20/14
Size:43.45 KB

All Resurrecting Archvile mod
A simple vanilla gameplay mod (or enhancement). Archvile now has an ability to revive every monster type. When I say every, I mean every. See the other included textfile (resur_INFO.txt) for an exact list of changes, sacrifices, usage etc....Date:06/10/14
Size:3.29 KB
Jacks up all the monsters. Like the man said, Troopers with chainguns, pumped Sergeants, BFG Cyberdemons and more. The Spider-demon is harder to kill, and has a chain-rocket launcher. Watch out for steady streams of rockets....Date:08/07/94
Size:5.35 KB
Author:Alden Bates

Reviver Patch
Reviver.deh is a patch that replaces the once- potent BFG with a Reviver gun, which when fired unleashes a red-tinted BFG shot that doesn't kill enemies - it brings them back to life!! For best results, get up close to the dead enemy that you want ...Date:05/08/96
Size:1.42 KB

The most REVOLTING DOOM add-on ever!
The basic premise of the story so far is this: You bought DOOM legally because you love shareware so much, only to find that the deaths, while somewhat cool, just don't have that really sick aspect that the game bo...Date:10/05/94
Size:19.69 KB
Author:D & D Enterprises

Right Hand Fist
Changes the fist from left handed to right handed. To be honest, I dont know why id Software didnt make it right handed to begin with?...Date:04/14/97
Size:50.08 KB
Author:Mr Pink

For the truly masochistic, this patch, using DMGRAPH and DeHacked, gives the Imps the ability to fly around after the hapless player, to nooks and crannies which they could never reach before....Date:03/19/95
Size:161.05 KB
Author:Drew "Too much time on his hands" Hurlstone
This is a hack I made to speed up the doom 2 guns. It was made with dehacked 2.0 for doom 1.666 There are many fastgun patches out there, but none that I personally feel are quite right. Either one weapon is way too fast, or one is too slo...Date:03/09/95
Size:18.58 KB
Author:Ross Carlson

Antisaedist's Decomposing effect v1.0
Makes dead bodies and guts decompose in seconds. Kill a trooper, and watch the corpse as it breaks down into a pile of stinky, nasty guts. Then it breaks down even more and turns into a pool of blood with pieces of meat floating around in it. In a fu...Date:06/04/96
Size:1.4 KB

Would you like a chance to get through those PWADS that throw 2 or 3 Cyber Demons at a time at you without cheating? Would you like to be able to make it past some of the large groups of Barons and etc. that Doom II throws at you. Do you ...Date:11/06/94
Size:20.02 KB
Author:Paul G. Stout

Do you want a weapons patch that makes some of the add-on PWADS survivable? Would you like a chance to get through those PWADS that throw 2 or 3 Cyber Demons (or worse) at a time at you without cheating? Would you like to be able to make i...Date:03/20/95
Size:20.78 KB
Author:Paul G. Stout

Ultimate Chaingun Combat (version 2)
They're all different, unique kinds of chainguns. Here's a brief summary: Pistol: a regular, semi-slow Chaingun. Shotgun: the Shock Rifle. You just keep loading ammo into this thing, and each time you pull the trigger, it fires ...Date:09/11/99
Size:16.87 KB

This mod adds several skills like the famous UV+, a Hellish difficulty, a "Doomguy Must Die" difficulty and a not so faithful Ultra Nightmare. MAKE SURE THIS IS THE LAST WAD LOADED IF THERE ARE OTHER WADS THAT CHANGE SKILLS! OTHERWISE THE SKILLS MA...Date:06/20/21
Size:2.53 KB

This is the final release of SOUL, The Ultimate Deathmatch Playing without recognizing your enemies, who are hiding between the dead bodies. When you are just walking around you and your enemies just look like a SOUL SPHERE, but when you sho...Date:02/05/95
Size:73.06 KB

Space Deathmatch Wad
This is a very unusual way of playing deathmatch: in zero-G. First, each player has a choise of one and only one weapon, and some ammo for that weapon (I finally got all the weapon selection areas working!) Then, it's just like normal deathmatch, exc...Date:02/18/97
Size:34.2 KB
Author:James Baicoianu

DOOM: Super Speed Edition 2nd Release
This file will patch the executable of Doom or Doom 2 and make the weapons, Enemys, Fireballs, etc twice as fast as they were. It it not a full patch yet, but it's almost....Date:02/09/98
Size:3.63 KB
Author:Damian Grove
This file is intended for use with dehacked 1.3 and registered doom 1.2 It changes the hanging bodies and impaled bodies so that they can be shot. this alows you to "put them out of their miseries" and counts towards your kill/ item ratios....Date:09/05/94
Size:4.18 KB
Author:Jesse Butler

This patch will stop all the monsters from moving. Even you shoot him with the most deadly BFG9000 its corpse (or Cybers and spiderdemon's hurting body) still don't move. All monsters are freezed, but still can attack you....Date:04/07/97
Size:857 B
Author:David Tam
This isn't a pretty patch, but it does what I want. And what is that? Why, making the combat shotgun a little bit faster! It doesn't turn the CS gun into a mega death weapon... rather, now it fires at about the same speed as the regular shotgun. I...Date:10/12/94
Size:18.9 KB
I had a little time, so I hacked up a superweapon patch for Doom II. I might have gone a little overboard. All weapons have unlimited ammo, as well as fantastic fire rates. The super shotgun is an amazing weapon hacked....Date:10/08/94
Size:18.73 KB

Server Doom
This allows any specific supported engine to continuously run all maps from E1 to E4. This file ignores (End Episode), and well reroute to the next episode when the current is finished. Perfect for multiplayer proposes! Thanks to Kyle "Skunkrocker"...Date:10/11/16
Size:49.3 KB
Author:Nicholas "Tiger" Gautier

Server Heretic
This allows any specific supported engine to continuously run all maps from E1 to E5. This file ignores (End Episode), and well reroute to the next episode when the current is finished. Perfect for multiplayer proposes! Version 1.00: 25 April. 2008...Date:10/11/16
Size:5.43 KB
Author:Nicholas "Tiger" Gautier

A patch file for DOOM utilizing Dehacked and Dmaud to get rid of all traces of the teleporter sound and flash. *RECOMMENDED FOR DM* This patch is intended to be compatable with deathmatch play. Teleportation sound has been killed. Period. ...Date:08/19/94
Size:9.54 KB
Author:Joseph Oberlander

You have to see it to believe it...Date:09/22/95
Size:7.53 KB
Author:Stephen Crowley
This patch turn all your PL1 weapons (without tone of power) into PL2 (with tone of power) without tone of power. Pack a lifetime tone of power! Always PL2 weapons!...Date:04/07/97
Size:755 B
Author:David Tam

The Demon's True Blood
Gave the demons their true blood colors. I've also included BLOODZAN for Zandronum for only 2 monsters in there and I gave the lost soul 20 health thanks to a thread on Doomworld I was at. Well, they had too much that's what I've read. Thread was thi...Date:11/23/14
Size:2.22 KB

Bet you can't beat this without cheating on skill 4
Troopers have fast chain guns Shotgun Guys have automatic chotguns Chaingunners fire faster Imps are on speed when fireing Cyber Demon shoots until he is injured A bunch of other guys fire faster....Date:06/26/95
Size:7.25 KB
Author:Stephen Crowley

Ultra Doom II
This patch was desined for my own curiosity, to see how good I could do. It does many things. First, it turns the troopers into kamakazie bombers,the imps burn up instead of dying,and alot of the startup and game text has been rewritten! Next...Date:05/27/95
Size:44.27 KB

ULTRA-FAST WEAPONS ( and other miscellanious patches )
This is an example DEH for DeHackEd 1.3 on how to create ULTRA-FAST weapons. This is done by modifying the frame table and removing some un-needed frames ( the firing & recoil ) by setting the frame time as 0. This has also made all of the corpses...Date:07/22/94
Size:4.4 KB
Author:Steve Hassard

Size:1.16 KB
Author:Jesse McNamara

Kill enemies at your own risk, for the tormented souls of the ones you have slain may come back to haunt you. Don't leave Imp bodies lying around -- evil spirits will possess them, making the once easily defeated monsters invulnerable to your ...Date:07/07/94
Size:5.74 KB
Author:Chris Gillespie

Ultra Sonic Sound Waves
This patch file makes the BFG9000 shoot ultra high frequency sound waves. These waves make enemies explode. Sometimes it doesn't work, but don't worry, This patch gives the BFG9000 infinite ammo! This patch also makes the BFG9000 rapid fire. I hope y...Date:07/21/97
Size:57.72 KB
Author:Patrick Stage

DOOM: Uzi Edition
This file will patch the executable of Doom or Doom 2 and turn the pistol into an uzi gun. Each clip is worth 7 ammo and you start with 100 ammo. The uzi.wad file is for Doom 2 only. Use this file to get 3 all new demos....Date:09/06/97
Size:10.52 KB
Author:Damian Grove

Ultra-Fast Weapons Patch
It's a must try if you like faster weapons and love kickin' demon butt all over the place!!...Date:03/10/96
Size:113.92 KB
Author:Mark Dillon

Flame Thrower + Automated Turret Patch
This patch is for anyone who wants a weapon that really is hot. The Flamethrower in here does proximity damage, just like a real flame! The Automated Turret is great for deathmatch! Just drop the thing, wait, and it starts shooting any player in ...Date:04/13/96
Size:899 B
Author:Daniel Koozer

The Whip patch
This is a neat new patch for Dehacked. It changes some of the weapons in Doom 2....Date:01/02/96
Size:1.88 KB

Makes DOOM or DOOM II extremely rough. Now you don't have to collect ammo anymore. But all projectiles can be extremely painful. You can now have up to 2000 hit points and 2000 armor points. Ludicrous!!! 8)...Date:02/12/97
Size:1.08 KB
Author:Ian Chipman

Anyone who needs this is a WUSSBOY!
If you're having trouble on "I'm Too Young To Die" with that pesky first enemy of the game, then this patch is for you! All enemies: 1) go at half speed, 2) can't shoot, and 3) light up in dark rooms. Also, the Spectres are fully visible. The only en...Date:07/27/98
Size:3.42 KB

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