Title: Total Conversion for Doom II in a Dehacked patch
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/ayofm.zip
Size: 31.43 KB
Date: 02/24/97
Author: "CrazyTrain"
Description: The story goes... Years after you've defeated the horrid armies of hell, strange things are happening
Credits: ID Software (none of this could happen without Doom II) Greg Lewis (for Dehacked) my friends (for ideas and playtesting)
Base: New Dehacked patch from scratch, not to mention learning a lot about dehacked.
Build time: I quit counting a long time ago.
Editor(s) used: Dehacked 3.0a
Bugs: None, except that the number of sprites in view can sometimes exceed the limit of 64
Rating: (4 votes)
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It's a good patch with a small filesize.x
Funny. :)x
lol, good one. almost impossible to finish the game, but it's very cool, hehx

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