Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/blaster2.zip
Size: 4.93 KB
Date: 07/24/94
Author: Justin Pinder
Description: The Barrel Blaster is a BETA patch for id's DOOM (registered). It replaces the BFG with a new weapon -- one which lobs barrels a short distance (where they remain until destroyed). I have filled a room with up to 25 barrels--great ambush possibilities!

Does it work in deathmatch? I have no idea -- but I hope so! If anyone tries it out, please email me and let me know! This weapon is great if you have no other ammunition--the release patch of this weapon will have NO CLIP, so you can always fall back on the barrel blaster if you're out of ammo and being chased. I chose the slow frame rate of the BFG for realism -- I don't think this patch would have the same effect if you could spit out barrels as fast as the chaingun.
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Bugs: I've had DOOM lock up on me several times using this patch. It hasn't locked up in awhile, so maybe this bug went away. Also, if you shoot this weapon (like an idiot) close to a wall, the barrel will go through it! I assume that if you shoot the Barrel Blaster point-blank at an enemy character, it'll go through him too.
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