Title: bodies.zip
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/bodies.zip
Size: 2.2 KB
Date: 08/20/95
Author: Eric Wilkinson
Description: 2 dehacked patches:

ABODIES.DEH = Turns the player into a dead body except when the player shoots or when the player is injured. This adds a whole new set of possible strategies for Deathmatch play. A player could just stand in a corner, and the other player would only see a dead body; they'd have to rememeber if they had killed you there before or not. When the truly dead bodies pile up it becomes almost impossible to find the other person if they're sitting still. You can also hide behind really low cliffs that you couldn't hide behind before because you're really short now. You sacrifice knowledge of your position if you shoot while the other person is looking at/around you, and if the other person decides to test a 'dead body' to see if it's not a 'dead body' by shooting a over it then you'll also show up when you're injured. Watch for scooting bodies! Plus, if you do happen to run across a body that you know shouldn't be there, you don't know which way the other player is facing.

FBODIES.DEH = Same as ABODIES.DEH except that now you are seen as a dead body even when shooting or being injured. Even more difficult to find the other person!

Notes: Remember to load up the patch on BOTH machines before Deathmatching, or else the other person will be seeing you as normal, but to you they'll be a body.
Credits: Someone came out with a 'bodies' patch a very long time ago, which I never saw. A friend told me about it when it came out, and I remembered it a while back and decided it would be fun to play Deathmatch as a body... I looked all over for this patch, and find it I did not. (sigh) So I wrote these patches myself... I'd like to credit the person who did the original patch, whoever he or she may be.

I would also like to credit the creators of WARP7.LMP, which is what I used to test these patches.
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