Title: Chunkgun
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/chunk.zip
Size: 5.12 KB
Date: 08/09/94
Author: Matt Netchy
Description: This patch will turn your everyday rocket into a sargeant chunk and your everyday rocket explosion into a trooper chunk. (If you don't know what a chunk is, try firing a rocket directly at a trooper and you will see what I mean). The chunk doesn't do concussion damage, but the damage has been increased to compensate. This patch is perfect for you morbid doomers and those who like very strange doom games. The chunks will stay there; so you could see where large rocket battles took place. If you REALLY want to see a lot of gore, try getting a patch that will increase the rate of fire of the rocket launcher. You'll paint the walls with bodies.
Credits: Special thanks to Greg Lewis (Gregory.lewis@umich.edu), the author of the Doom.exe Hack Editor (dehacked.zip).
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