Title: MaRiNe HeLL v1.0
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/dc-mhell.zip
Size: 7 KB
Date: 06/21/95
Author: NiGHT CRaWLeR
Description: THiS ouR FiRST ReLeaSe So BeaR WiTH uS...THiS DeH PaTCH FoR DeHaCKeD v2.3...iT MaKeS THe SHoT GuN Guy, iMP, CHaiN Gun Guy, CyBeR DeMoN, aND HeLL KNiGHT iNTo DiFFeReNT CoLoR, PiSSeD MaRiNeS...WHiCH iS PReTTy BaD...aND TaKe My aDViCe...DoN'T MeSS WiTH THe GReeN oNeS...THey WiLL KiLL You iN aN iNSTaNT iF you aiN'T CaReFuLL...THiS PaTcH aLSo MaKeS THe BFG FaSTeR aND STRoNGeR...aND CHaNGeS THe PLaSMa RiFLe GReaTLY...aND SoMe oTHeR MiSC THiNGS LiKe MaKeS THe SouL SPHeRe iNTo a BaLL you CaN SHooT aND MaKeS THaT PuNy PiSToL Guy SToNG! a WaRNiNG FoR RooKie DooMeRS THiS PaTCH iNCReaSeS THe DiFFiCuLTy GReaTLy! iF you SuCK, Be VeRy CaRe FuLL...iN SoMe CaSeS NoT eVeN iDDQD CaN HeLP you!!!
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DeHaCKeD v2.3
Bugs: THeRe aRe JuST a *FeW* (i Say aGaiN a *FeW*) FRaMe BuGZ, BuT iT WoN'T LeSSeN THe QuaLiTy oF THiS FiLe. eNJoy!
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