Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/dmarsnl.zip
Size: 4.67 KB
Date: 07/30/94
Author: Mark Sheldon
Description: This patch modifies the graphics, sound and behavior of the weapons:

Chainsaw -> unchanged (Someone like to try and make a flamethrower?)
Pistol - Sub UZI (use your imagination)
Shotgun - Automatic Assult Shotgun (yeah!)
Chaingun - 2x Speed Chaingun like Arnold uses
Rocket - Caco-fire Launcher (more damage than a rocket)
Plasma - BFG750 Energy Cannon (my favorite!)
BFG9000 - BFG2020 Energy Module Launcher (more bang than the 9000!)

Note: The BFG750 blast can hurt you!

Mods. to ammo pickup amount and maximums have also been changed to support the new ammo consumption rates.

You'll probably need to play on Nightmare mode to give the monsters a chance, or design a new level with lots of cannon fodder.

Side effect: The Cyberdemon now shoots very powerful fireballs.
(Ordinary Cacodemon fireball unchanged)

Not tested for Deathmatch/Multi play but should be OK.
Credits: Thanks to Greg Lewis for DEHACKED and Id for DOOM!
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