Title: doomweps.zip
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/doomweps.zip
Size: 4.88 KB
Date: 07/23/97
Author: Jjukil
Description: The following information explains how the weapons of DooM ][ work. It doesn't really talk about their firing much but instead covers the fine nuances of DooM weapons. It explains just how DooM uses the Select and De- select code pointers to power its weapons. It explains why the chainsaw does what it alone does with sounds, and why this behavior cannot be changed or used elsewhere.

I hope this helps with somebody's editing. I personally only found it by accident, creating a weapon that lit up a room, screwing up, and pur- suing the screwup; there are a couple of things I've thought of to do with this information, not the least but the easiest of which is letting DooM weapons be selected like Quake weapons--instantly. Read on if you want to improve your hacking itinerary.

The Doomweps.zip file that should be in this directory also includes proofs of my findings, all in .deh format. You get to load them yourself, because I didn't feel like explaining how. If you can understand any of this information you can probably load .deh patch files anyway. It also includes this very text file, for reference.
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