Title: The First External Camera for Doom II
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/extcam.zip
Size: 158.38 KB
Date: 11/11/97
Author: Jonathan Washburn
Description: This is an external camera patch for Doom 2. I included one patch that gives you the classic green marine, and another that gives you the blue marine with some Quake weapons. There are also patches for an imp, a demon, and an enforcer(not the one from Quake).

Run CAM.BAT for green marine 1-fist/chainsaw 2-pistol 3-shotgun/s. shotgun 4-chaingun 5-rocket launcher 6-plasma 7-BFG Run CAMBL.BAT for blue marine 1-fist/chainsaw 2-pistol 3-shotgun/s. shotgun 4-chaingun 5-extra damage rocket launcher 6-grenade launcher 7-lightning gun Run CAMI.BAT for imp 1-claw 2-fireball 3-fireball 4-fireball 5-fireball 6-hellfire 7-hellfire Run CAMD.BAT for demon 1-chew 2-chew 3-chew 4-chew 5-imp fire 6-caco fire 7-baron fire Run CAME.BAT for enforcer 1-fist/chainsaw 2-pistol 3-shotgun/s. shotgun 4-super rapid chaingun 5-railgun 6-High Energy weapon 7-area burner

In the future I might add such features as: -Animated walking -See what weapons you've selected -More new characters(trooper, sargent, etc.) -Duke Nukem
Credits: Id Software, makers of WinTex and Dehacked
Base: New something from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WinTex, Dehacked
Bugs: Sometimes you can see the head of a marine at the
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Hilariously primitive version of the CHASECAM option in many many modern Doom ports. It replaces the weapon graphics with the Doomguy's back, making it even more usless than the chasecam option we know today.x

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