Title: flamige.zip
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/flamige.zip
Size: 142.62 KB
Date: 04/29/96
E-mail: Viper98592@aol.com
Description: You know about how all the people wanted to make the ROCKET LAUNCHER a FLAMETHROWER... Well, I didn't like what I was seeing!
One man Did it so it would drop right in front of you and the go up in flames... ( WHOOPE! ) Since I was NOT satisfied I made this patch!
It makes the flamethrower shoot Cacodemons Bullets, and ( Of course ) Go's up in flames! I was very satisfied with what I got, and then spead up the speed that it shoots, and, well, it's like the SUPRWEP6.DEH patch! Only it shoots flames out of the Rocket launcher!
And the plasma rifle shoots Mancubus Shots, just for the heck of it!
I wasn't completley satisfied, but it will work for now!
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