Title: Doom 2 French Version (doom2f.wad) binary patch
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/frpatch.zip
Size: 278.17 KB
Date: 04/21/10
Author: Simon Howard
Description: This is a binary "sideways-grade" patch to convert the normal (English) version of Doom II v1.8 to the official French translated version.

The French version of Doom was created by a professional translations company called "Art of Words" and distributed in France, although it seems to be pretty rare.

For a less invasive way to experience the French translation of Doom II, see my other upload, french.zip, which includes a PWAD and dehacked patch to create the same result.
Credits: Id Software, Art of Words Maurizio Giunti for MDIFF/MPATCH.
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didnt like it 2/5x
Hmmm a Downgrade from the most common V1.9 would be more useful... But anyway: a nice to have patch for collectors and for retarded french doom player.x
If this is truly what it says it is I need not play it. I'm sure some french person who ejoys Doom/can't speak english will find this useful. 5/5x

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