Title: Hi-Frag
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/hifrag5.zip
Size: 5.33 KB
Date: 08/18/94
Author: Geoff Coovert
Description: Tired of the same old boring deathmatches?

Do you want something new?


This (hifrag5.deh) is a hack for the DOOM.EXE via the most excellent program, DeHackEd v1.3. It is supposed to make multi-player deathmatches go faster-paced and be more interesting...

I took a few liberties in making it....I went through several trials and discarded ideas left and right, and what finally stands is a hack meant to make the frag counter "roll-over" in a short period of time...
Credits: Thanx to Greg Lewis for making this DeHackEd program, it just rules!

Extreme thanks to id Software for making DOOM in the first place... my phone lines spend more time in DOOM-related stuff than it does for voice-conversation

big hand to Chris Howse for helping to beta-test this thing... he went shotgun-crazy on me, and that made me change a bunch of things

also applause to whoever made DETHE1M1.WAD ...this is the ultimate deathmatch WAD file....it looks just like a house, and I made this with the weapon placements of that in mind, but it works for most others except the original DOOM levels :(

oh, and the KABOOM, FLAME12, ARMY1 makers, I learned by looking at those
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