Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/hoespawn.zip
Size: 18.61 KB
Date: 09/26/94
Author: Greg Lewis (Tree)
Description: HOESPAWN.DEH is a little treat I whipped up to test the function of several objects in Doom 1.666 that I hadn't seen before (in Doom 1.2), specifically the Demon Spawn objects. Warp to either E3M1 or E3M9 for the best effect; I won't guarantee anything on other levels, and Doom might crash.

The "new" effects are centered around the large brown tree and the gray tree, which appear in the large open area of E3M1 and E3M9. Use of iddqd and id(k)fa are HIGHLY recommended. Have fun!
Credits: Geoff Coovert, for the HOE.DEH patch, which was necessary in the creation of this patch.
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