Title: Ultimate Super Turbo Champion Edition Hyper Fighting DOOM
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/hyper.zip
Size: 1.72 KB
Date: 03/31/97
Author: CuPPy
Description: Everyone has a super fast guns patch out. Yea? So why cant i?! Ha. I know its such a slaughter, i mean, i made them shoot as fast as i could get them to, so i tried to even it out. I dont quite think its evened out completely. :) The monsters run faster, some are stronger, some may even shoot back faster. Dropped the idea of infinite ammo to even it out a little. i dunno what all i added.
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WHOA! A bit obsolete since I can use sv_faatweapons. Not all utils are just EXE. Also Deheacked. Nice to know. 35 -Omegalore x

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