Title: ID4 Destroyer Weapon Gun
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/id4dgun.zip
Size: 1019 B
Date: 12/13/96
Author: PhaetonX
Description: This is a Dehacked patch for Doom which turns the BFG into a powerful new weapon. The BFG now fires a Mancubus fireball that blasts into multiple, unending columns of deadly explosions on impact. The columns kinda look like the "Main Weapon" on the destroyers in Independance Day(the beam that shoots down and sends out a wall of explosions to eradicate the cities), and are about as lethal. Remember, the columns are just as deadly to you, and will pretty much kill you if you get too close. This patch doesn't use any new graphics or sounds. Note that this patch WILL work with Doom 2, but the Mancubi will be all screwed up.
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