Title: jb_deh.zip
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/jb_deh.zip
Size: 15.67 KB
Date: 08/01/94
Author: Jeremy Blackman
Description: QUICK SUMMARY: Here are the files and what they do:

PLYRIMP.DEH Puts the Imp graphics in place of player, for Deathmatch. Try it!

SIGFIRE.DEH "Signal" fireballs go up each time you hit a wall... Careful where you fire...you could signal your opponent.

EVILBARL.DEH Barrels have always been a problem, but NOW they FOLLOW you and detonate when they reach you. NOTE: Lost Souls had to be replaced to do this...

XRCISM.DEH Possessed humans [not Human Sergeants, yet...] are a bit nastier now. They act like normal until killed. Then the evil Polymorph Demon residing inside them bursts free [splattering the remains of the host body]. Don't worry, when you kill the Polymorph it doesn't come back.
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