Title: Patch of Powers
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/jumper.zip
Size: 7.33 KB
Date: 05/10/97
Author: "Jjukil"
Description: Full description is in the Powers!.txt file in the zip, but I can summarize it: this patch gives your players special powers no one thought would ever be in Doom. Using it you can revive enemies, create drones to fight for you, and jump. You heard me, JUMP! Hence the much more noticable name, Jumper. So don't just sit there, download this patch! The powers are also in seperate patch files for working on them individually. Read the text file first.
Credits: Tree, who made Dehacked Raven, who made WOT Doom LummoxJR, who gave me ideas (and everyone else) Dylan Cooper, a friend who challenged me to do these things first id Software for something just a bit obvious
Base: None
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DeHackEd v3.0
Bugs: Every last power locks up the game for what seems no reason to me; the jump locks it up the least, then the reviver, then the drone, which seems to have a real reason for locking it up--it fires too much and the game doesn't like it!
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I've loaded up every different DEH file in here, both under DOS and ZDoom, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to get them to work. Is there a certain weapon I should use? Sounds ambitious for it's time but I guess I won't get to see how well this early jumping works. And yeah, that top review seems about 15 years old.. Jumping has been in Doom sourceports since 1999, to my knowledge.x
^^^ Was the above comment made in 1997 or what? In any case, these are three DEH patched that will allow you to jump, revive monsters, or summon a drone that attacks other monsters (or even all three powers combined). They do work, even in source ports, but the results are sketchy at best e.g. the jump damages you and is hard to control, the reviver is hard to aim, and the drone won't attack anything unless attacked. Pretty impressive considering they are vanilla hacks though. 5/5 -Maesx
This is dated April 1997, just two months ago. Can you imagine how incredible it would be if you could jump in Doom? Actually jump upwards, instead of leaping horizontally? That would be awesome. I imagine a future world where Id software put out a patch... or perhaps they release the source code for Doom, and an intrepid coder could actually build this functionally into the engine! It might not happen for many years though.x

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