Title: Land-mines for DEATHMATCH
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/kaboom.zip
Size: 5.49 KB
Date: 07/07/94
Author: John
Description: Land-mines for DEATHMATCH, well for any DOOM game, but best in DEATHMATCH

I basically used Greg Lewis' excellent DOOM.EXE hacker ( DEHACKED 1.3 ) to make the rockets motionless and partially invisible (like spectres). I also made them vulnerable to attack so that you can clear them if you find them. In addition, I changed the amount of rockets you pick up with the launcher to 6 (after much research, I and my beta-tester have determined that only being able to lay 2 mines per life SUCKS!).

There are three other cool things.

I'm listing these features seperately because I did not plan on them they just happened.

1. If you lay the mine, it won't hurt you in that life. However,if you die, come back, and then run in to it, you will die again.

2. You will get a FRAG credit if someone hits a mine you laid, but you must stay alive until then or no credit.

3. If you shoot a mine once with the pistol, it will float off slowly in the direction of the shot (carefull, twice and it blows). We have not yet discovered the full benefits of this, but it's still pretty cool to do).
Credits: Greg (of course) & ID SOFTWARE (may they make more money than God, they deserve it)
Build time: Maybe an hour
Editor(s) used: DEHACKED Greg Lewis's executable hacker/patch maker Vers.1.3 (very nice job, by the way, Greg)
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Landmines for deathmatch? A cool and original idea for the time.x

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