Title: new2.zip
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/new2.zip
Size: 5.16 KB
Date: 05/13/99
Author: Karl <marX>
Description: This zip file contains 2 Dehacked 3.0 patches, one which modifies the monsters in Doom2 (newmon.deh), and one which modifies the weapons in Doom2 (newgun.deh). Obviously, you should use both of these simultaneously; running newmon.deh by itself will be next to impossible, and running newgun.deh alone will give you way too much power.

The two modifications are well balanced and bug free. I've tested them extensively on 30 levels of Doom (I forgot to modify the Nazis, oops! :) and they work just fine. I currently find them more enjoyable than the original Doom... weird, but true. I guess after 5 years of the same thing, some variety is fun :)
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Wow. The Arch-Vile is far more deadly in here. Awesome.x

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